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Interview with Kristen Brown


Happy Monday everyone!

For those of you that are regular InPower readers you probably have read many times how much I enjoy getting emails from Kristen Brown, the owner of The Happy Hour Effect. She is a Work/Life Strategist, Bestselling Author and a strong Public Speaker. She provides an extensive amount of motivation and education on how to do everything from boost your happiness to making effective to do lists. Kristen has just announced she has created a second business, Brandivorous, “It’s a think tank for entrepreneurs and brands to generate fresh ideas and create solid strategies for business growth. If you need that kind of help, head over and give the new Facebook and Twitter pages a little love – and share with any entrepreneurs you know.” …She’s great.

Well, I was lucky enough to get a telephone interview with her! I cannot tell you how grateful I was that she opened some of her valuable time to answer some of my questions. I hope you learn some insight to being proactive of your own health like I did.

What made you decide to start a business?

Well, when I was widowed 7 years ago while having a 10-month old baby and a boss, that I loved, tell me he was leaving, I was stressed out personally and professionally. I realized within the demands & pressures in corporate America I was doing okay, but I wasn’t thriving. I was trying to fit so much in and I with this new life and juggling things with my daughter; it was too much. So, I started journaling which became my first book, The Best Worst Thing. The idea for Happy Hour Effect came afterwards in 2008 and officially launched in Fall 2009.

Advice for those who just started their own business or wanting to?

There are a couple of things I wish I knew in beginning and I suggest:

One, immerse yourself in every type of learning opportunity about business. It requires a lot of work and skill set. Learning how to do it all well is critical. I’ve always liked learning, so I did it naturally, but now looking back, I realized how important it was. Blogging, business, etc. are critical to become differentiated from others. There are many entrepreneurs out there. Read, listen to podcasts, do everything you can to learn about owning a business.

Two, Make sure have right support around you. I didn’t know that there were networking groups for entrepreneurs. So find the people that get what you do and get the lifestyle you’re living to get ideas and bounce ideas off of.

Financing and Budgeting advice for young entrepreneurs?

I, admittedly, am an over spender and so for years I invested in many conferences, ads, etc. These are important, but it is better to set up a schedule to review what money you’ve spent and what kind of impact that money has had on your business. Example: if you bought a book on social media, did you read the book? Look at impact on what you purchased. Are you putting into action what you invested in?

Second one; keep very copious detailed records of everything. I was audited last fall by the IRS, and it took me forever to get it all organized to the IRS. I passed the audit, but it was very time-consuming in 3 weeks. Keep notes and be very organized!

What do you schedule first & prioritize?

The first things that go on my schedule are my big business appointments. I have a big whiteboard and write-on calendar on my wall, those days are “X”-ed out in red so I know not to schedule anything. Also, being a mom, my daughter’s activities go on my schedule as well.

Every day I prioritize things that could hire me; things that could directly bring me income. You should be thinking strategically, ‘If I do this it will get me this.’

Do you have a daily routine?

No, I wouldn’t say I have one. It’s a little different every day. There are things I have to have every day. I love to make a smoothie in the morning, with fruits & the good stuff to fuel me. I like a cup of green tea after my daughter is dropped off at school and as I transition into the work day. Also, if I am tired I will occasionally take a nap. Sleep is important.

What does your work environment look like?

My office usually looks like a tornado has gone through it. It’s like organized chaos. I have a lot of quotes, pictures, my big whiteboard with a to-do list, and a whiteboard event calendar. I have a mix of stuff that keeps me smiling and on task. The office only has stuff I use regularly, and my garage has extra stuff I don’t use. This is so I don’t feel as cluttered in office.

Do you have a mentor?

There are a lot of people I haven’t met, but follow online a lot. I’ve used several business lifestyle coaches throughout the years but I am finding the most benefit with my accountability partner. We say what we will do every week and check in. I‘ve learned so much more when I’ve helped someone else do something. And when I explain to them what I do, it solidifies in my mind what I need to be doing. So, I encourage young entrepreneurs to get mentors and an accountability partner.

Advice for those seeking health and happiness?

The number one thing that people are doing that hurt their health & happiness is cluttering up their life with stuff they don’t want to be doing. Committing to plan a shower, volunteering for an organization, that they don’t want to do actually drains them but they do it because of guilt. We are causing our own drama by saying yes to things that don’t make us happy.

Another thing people can do is get off your phone and focus on things that are happening around you. Phones are not a bad thing, but if you look the way our bodies are changing because of cell phones…the human body will look completely different in 100 years b/c of these. You look at relationship with parents that are on their phones more than interacting with their kids. The kids then think they are less important. OSOMBOX is a cute leather box with a hole in box that you put your phone in when you’re with your family, at happy hour, in a meeting, etc. It’s such a cool, simple thing we can do to occasionally disconnect.

Lastly, what is the goofiest thing you have done in last week?

I have an 8-year-old daughter that is goofy so she makes me goofy. My daughter actually keeps me young and on the pulse what’s happening in the world. Sunday afternoon we went to the park and sat on the spinners. She kept falling off and so did I. It was perfect.

Thanks for all your great tips, Kristen!


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Quantum Leaps Tips for Success

Just a little motivation for your day. Simple Truths provides this video from Quantum Leaps on how to be successful. Scroll down to see the video. Have a great weekend!

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What’s one of the WORST ways to motivate someone? Hint: You see it all the time.

Money is never the best incentive to see sustainability in one’s health. Here’s a fun link/video to remind us of that.

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InPower’s Spring Start & March Goals

Hey hey, how is your first Monday in March going? I hope well. This post will recap last month’s goals and introduce March’s. First, I would like to share some news: InPower will be going through a “Spring Start” and renovating a few parts of the website, posts and even videos! I’m ready to step things up a notch and use my technological skills to my fullest. Get ready for some more posts and youtube videos about topics such as: financial wellness, positive psychology, interviews, fitness challenges, and more. I love playing my obnoxious melodica and writing rap poems, so I’m coming up with some ideas on how to not only entertain my readers, but educate them as well. PLEASE let me know what type of topics you would like me to cover. What would you like to see on this blog? The purpose of my blog is to educate anyone about any health information I find. A part of me wants to consolidate each week’s articles into one, large blog post, but I like sharing the news as soon as possible for your up-to-date education. What do you think?

As for goals…

This was last month’s…


1. Get certified as a PT- check! I am officially an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. The exam went really (really) well for me so I do plan on writing a post to help anyone would that is interested in taking the exam. I’m really excited to have a certification like personal training that complements coaching so well.

2. Conduct an interview- check! You should see a post from the (secret) person I interviewed last month in some future posts  🙂

3. Library instead of coffee shop-check! I didn’t go to a coffee shop this month to read, people watch or study and it wasn’t a problem at all. I like libraries and don’t need to drink coffee every week…so maybe I should of made a harder goal? haha.

4. Do a weekly personal post- nope…whomp whomp. I started the month off really well but my written posts fizzled out by the end. I really do want to become a more consistent blogger and know it’s important as a blogger and for my readers. I’m working on it I swear!

5. Do a race- oh heck yes I did another race. The Cupid’s Undie Run in -22 degree weather, actually. Check it out!


march goals

1. Create a video– this month I will be working on a few educational videos on the basics of health. These could be: stress tips, proper posture when working out, or even how to cut an onion into those cubes! I’m excited. Let me know what you’d like to learn!

2. Finish Positive Psychology class– I am currently taking an online course on positive psychology and will get my certification once it’s completed. I believe this would be a a great addition to coaching and working with clients.

3. Conduct an interview– I want to keep interviewing people and learn not only what motivates people, but what tips and tricks they can provide for any readers on how to enhance their health.

4. Schedule a presentation– I have a lot of meetings lined up with different employers this month, but I want to schedule a presentation with at least one of them. Fingers crossed!

5. Weekly posts- this means write weekly posts on the blog, there just wasn’t enough room to write it out. I can do this!

Your turn. What are you March goals? What do you want to learn or see in InPower?

Thanks for reading,


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DIY Menu Planner


So instead of standing in front of the fridge with the door open, deciding what to eat, you want to start planning your dinner meals.

Good for you! Another post will cover the steps on how to start menu planning, but this post will teach you how to create your own menu planner. It’s cheap, simple and fun.

– 8″ x 10″ frame  (dollar stores sell them…for a dollar)
– Small piece of velcro
– dry-erase marker with eraser on the end
– menu planning picture

1. Find a menu planning picture online or create one at I designed my own. It makes me laugh every time I see it.

Make sure the planner has M-F listed on it and has enough room for you to write your daily meals on it.  Also, make sure it is printed as a  8″ x 10″ picture or fits regular printing paper.

Websites with already-made planners:


Money Savings Mom

Organized Home

2. Place the 8″ x10″ picture in the frame

3. Cut 2 small pieces of velcro and glue one to the frame (side or on the back) and one to the dry erase marker

4. Write your meals on the frame. Erase when necessary.

5. Enjoy!

Do you have your own menu planner? Let’s see it!

Thanks for reading,


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DIY Headboard Tile & Candle Greatness


Kinkos and Dollar Tree stores are taking all of my money! Oh well, these projects are worth it.

This post will teach you how to create a unique headboard for those who want to add a little extra to their current one.


– Headboard(s)

– Glue- I used gorilla glue.

– Tiles- your choice of design and color. Remember you want them to be as long and wide as the headboard is. Measure carefully! I purchased a square for a decent price and style at Menards.

– Circular saw or hand saw- I rented a circular saw at a local tool shop. Menards has a variety of rentals as well.

– Sand paper- I used 1 sheet of 100 grit

– 2 FLAMELESS candles (Dollar stores have them)

– 2 candle holders- make sure they are the width of your bed posts

– If necessary, tile cutters


1. Clear area around the board you plan on sawing, or remove the headboard to safely saw. I would do the latter of the two.


2. Use the circular saw to remove the top half of the headboard. DO NOT USE THE SAW WITHOUT SUPERVISION IF YOU HAVE NOT USED ONE BEFORE/KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. I will not be liable for any of your injuries while attempting this project 🙂 Make sure the top of the board is sawed flat.

3. Sand the top of the headboard until smooth.


4. ( If necessary, cut the tiles from the square) then lay the tiles on the headboard to make sure you have enough tiles & room on the headboard.


picture of tile square, sorry it’s so off center

5. Put a line of glue across the headboard

6. Place the tiles carefully across the headboard on the glue. Let the tiles dry on the headboard for at least an hour

8. Place a pin-sized amount (or more depending on the size of your posts) of gorilla glue at the ends of the headboard. Place the candle holders on the glue. Let the candle holders dry on the headboard for at least an hour.

9. Place the flameless candles in the candle holders.

10. Enjoy!


Have you done any projects like this before? Let me know! I would love to see what else is out there.

Thanks for reading,


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February Goals

Andddd it’s already the second week of February. These months are flying by! I have a lot of wedding and work events starting this spring so I’m kind of excited knowing that next month is already March!

Recap on January goals…


1. Schedule CPT Exam- check! I’m making sure to go to the library or in a quiet area of my apartment complex every day to ace this exam.

2. Go skiing–nope…again. I was going to go a few weeks ago but it was just cloudy and depressing. I might go tomorrow, but hey, if I don’t go I’ll be working on my wood projects so it’ll be a win-win for me.

3. Create a half-ironman training program-check!  I combined the training schedule from and and am still getting suggestions from my Ironman-friend. Remember, I am a novice and could use any help with this. Any suggestions are appreciated.

4. Start the training program- yes indeed. I have a strong swim and run base and but I am working on improving my bike base…either way, I’m swimming, biking and running. I am grateful I actually enjoy these activities or this would be one.long.season.

5. Start another woodworking project- check! I redesigned a bed’s headboards and will be posting pictures of it when I (hopefully) finish it this week. –PS I never finished the post about creating a WI cutting board, it’s still a draft but almost complete–

Now for February…


1. Get certified as a PT- I have been studying ACSM personal training (PT) materials and hopefully will be certified within the next month. The certification will provide me with the rudimentary skills needed to be a personal trainer and tools to be an even more effective wellness coach. Plus, I love certifications.

2. Conduct an interview– It could be with a friend or a professional I follow, but either way interviewing is a great way to learn new skills & keep motivated, so I should really do one this month.

3. Library instead of coffee shop– this means go to a library instead of a coffee shop to study, read, or blog. I can do this. I just received a new library card and I have a great area in my apartment complex to study. No excuses to not achieve this one but man, sometimes I’m such the proverbial doesn’t-want-to-study student who goes to a coffee shop to “study”…aka people watch. I really need to save money this month and not going to a coffee shop to waste cash and calories is a great way to start!

4. Do a weekly personal post– I post a lot of articles each week on here,but I do not write many posts.  I know that I would connect with my readers a lot better if I wrote more personal posts; not necessarily about what is going on in my personal life, but posts that are written by me. I just don’t ever want to come off as a presumptuous blogger, especially about the posted science & medical material. Especially since I am not qualified to do so. I’m working on it though 🙂

5.Do a race- I miss the crazy race environments! My last one was the Mustache Run which seems like a year ago already. There are a few on Valentine’s Day & in March I am looking into. Hopefully, you’ll see a review about them in the blog.

What are your monthly goals? Goals for the year? I want to hear them!

Thanks for reading,


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