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Why Victims of Sexual Abuse Are More Likely to Be Obese – The Atlantic

Here’s a different article for you. Studies have shown those who have had childhood abuse are most likely to be obese as they grow older and as an adult. Are you surprised? Think about the emotional toll the abuse has taken on a person. Feel free to share this article!


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Did you miss these articles?

Perhaps you missed some of these articles from last week. Enjoy!

Brain & Career:
TIME- See How What Makes us Happy has changed in the last 80 years
I couldn’t agree more with this article, but I couldn’t believe which factor dropped so dramatically!

Fast Company – 20 Lessons of Creativity for 2015

Business Insider- 25 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Huffington Post- 27-yr old Eleni Antoniadou is going to change the future of medicine. And makes me want to step up my game!

MedPage Today- Celiac Tied to Neuropathy Risk

I started collecting a vast amount of awesome recipes from Skinnytaste.com to where I’m just going to refer you to the whole SkinnyTaste website…every recipe in there looks delicious. You will find a recipe to try & love-promise!

Thanks to the Recommended Readings email from Healthy Living Blogs, I found this podcast: Mindless Eating: Willpower vs. Environment

NG’s THE Plate- Wasabi: More Than Just a Hot Sushi Condiment

NPR- What if Americans Ate Like South Africans and Vise Versa? Can you guess what happened? I bet you can! I laughed out loud when I saw the sample menu, “burger…fries”…Poor things.

Physical Activity:

Myfitnesspal.com- 6 Ways to Make Running a Habit

Refinery 29- Skin Cancer Selfie
Perhaps you’ve seen this all around the media lately. It’s a picture of a girl as she used tanning beds and then after her skin cancer treatments. Scary, but important for young tanning-bed users to see.

TIME- The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

My new magazine subscriptions: Experience L!fe, Triathelte & also the magazine, Outside.  I really enjoy the variety of their articles. Check them out!

StoneHearthNewsletters.com- 7 Companies with amazingly unique wellness programs

TIME- Why we Accept ‘Dad Bod’ on Rich Men
and then watch the skit from The Daily Show ripping apart the Dad Bod trend from Upworthy. Sorry guys, but the dad bod really is not that attractive 🙂

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Work Site Wellness Centers Equate to Weight Loss and Health Care Savings, Mayo Expert Says – Health, Medical, and Science UpdatesHealth, Medical, and Science Updates

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What I’m learning as a Wellness Coach…


Hello everyone! Just in case you missed my guest post in dailycupofkate‘s blog last week on what I’m learning as a Wellness Coach, I”ll post it on here as well. Enjoy!

I currently work for a healthcare system in MN and recently have started my own LLC (InPower Coaching). I have daily learning experiences from each of my awesome, patient, hard-working clients. So here’s what I’ve learned and want you to remember…

  1. You can always say “I want this” “I wish that”…but you should really start saying HOW you are going to get “this” and HOW you are going to get “that”
  2. Positive talk is everything. Start your day saying something positive in the mirror. It’s a little cheesy, but just do it. I had a client lose 5 POUNDS from doing 2 ½ weeks of positive self talk. Not kidding.
  3. Number 2 makes a point about how changing your mental health can impact your physical health. There are many facets of health. Do not just exercise and eat healthy, but also go call a friend, sit in silence, try a new hobby. Understand health is physical, mental, and spiritual and there needs to be a blend between them throughout your life.
  4. Health is simple, but not always easy. Someone who is healthy makes the choice to be healthy., every day. Every meal. Every workout. Whether or not it was easy to say no to a co-worker’s brownies, or exercise when they were exhausted, they do it because it gets them to reach their goals.
  5. So, set goals…set 3 month goals and weekly goals. Make sure they are SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. (Ex: I will run every Monday and Wednesday for 45 minutes after work around the lake). The goals should answer who, what, where, when…
  6. I’m obsessed with whiteboards, but maybe notebooks will work better for you. Either way, start tracking! I just put “X” in the boxes on my whiteboard for my weekly workouts but I know some people that write in their notebook what they ate and give themselves stars if they accomplish their goals. Use what works for you. Tracking has been shown time and time again to help individuals enhance their health. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a specific kind of tracking, a check mark or “x” in a box works if that’s what works for you.
  7. Everyone is different. You have to figure out what your body best responds to for food, exercise and with your mental health. I notice I don’t feel as well when I eat a lot of yogurt, someone else might notice they don’t digest wheat well. Whatever doesn’t make you feel good, don’t do it.
  8. Mix it up! Enjoy a variety of fruits, veggies and food every day! It’s important to get a mixture of vitamins & minerals in your body.
  9. Try new recipes! I never knew what the heck a kumquat was until I just bought the bright-looking thing and then looked up recipes for it after. Get creative and try a new food this spring.
  10. Lastly, just a friendly reminder from the good ‘ol Wellness Coach that you really can do whatever you put your mind to. Quotes, pictures, positive affirmations, get started today. People respect those that respect themselves-and that self-respect starts with self-care.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you are interested in reading more of my posts or signing up for your first free wellness consultation.



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What’s one of the WORST ways to motivate someone? Hint: You see it all the time.

Money is never the best incentive to see sustainability in one’s health. Here’s a fun link/video to remind us of that.


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A fitness center’s quick clean up (DIY?)

Not sure if this would really be a DIY project since there are no crafts, sawing or painting involved, but I recently added a few things to the fitness center in my complex and I thought I’d remind people what a difference a few things can make to a fitness room! Also, I include a few tips on finding good deals on wanted items.

I talked to the manager of my complex after seeing our awesome, colorful fitness center with many treadmills, bikes, bow machine, some mats, ellipticals….but missing a fan. And a foam roller. Annddd had mismatch weights. I proposed to him a quick fitness renovation project. He was impressed and gave me a dollar amount to spend, I found what I could within that budget, and then was reimbursed afterwards.


For $50 I found:

A fan- $6, local thrift store


A 25 lb dumbbell set-$10 craigslist ad


foam roller-$4 Goodwill (see above)

nice mat-$5 Goodwill (see above)

frames for “Clean your equipment” signs-$1 each at dollar store (see above)

hooks- $2 each at dollar store (see above)

mirror- $5 at goodwill (see above)

clock- $6 at Dollar Store (see above)

Air freshener (needed)- $2 at Dollar Store (see above)

Bottle for a mat cleaner-$1 at Dollar Store (see above)

Duct tape- for agility training- $1 at Dollar Store


Total plus tax: $50!


I added many recipes for anyone to grab from allrecipes.com. I included ones with quinoa, a protein ball recipe, spring salad, and tacos. I also laminated a few sheets on stretching, resistance training, agility/jump rope work, and foam rolling exercises. Yes, I did tack a few business cards on the boards as well 🙂

As you read above, I only went to:  Dollar Store, local thrift store, Goodwill, and stopped at a lady’s house who I found on craigslist to get the dumbbell/weight set. Accomplished this in 2 days and it was pretty fun.

I also put a craigslist ad out to see if anyone would be willing to donate anything. Haven’t heard anything yet but it is amazing how much free stuff (i.e. pianos, TONS of pianos!) you can find online, especially, craigslist.

The complex’s staff said they were happy with the change and have received compliments from the other residents. They also proposed I do this for the other properties as well. Sure, why not 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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