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Random Shmandom Links

I’m getting really good at saving links that I want to post on here and then…forgetting to post them. Below are some random, great articles and videos that I’ve accumulated over the last week or two. I think it’s always important to be reminded how there are so many facets of health. Education on brain fitness, body posture, happiness, and food intake, for example, are all part of health; all part of YOUR health.

My favorite link in this post is the “What Makes a Good Life” TED Talks video.   In college, I traveled abroad in third-world countries where people didn’t have much besides a cell phone (crazy, right?), but they still managed to be welcoming and grateful for the resources they had. During those times of awareness I also read Blue Zones by Dan Buettner and fell in love with the book’s message about living a long, happy life.  Happiness really isn’t about having “things,” it comes down to…well, I’ll just let you watch the video. Enjoy!

How to Remember Names:

What Makes a Good Life? -TED Talks:

Here’s What Happened When I Slept For an Extra Hour Each Night:

The Benefits of Good Posture-TED Talks:

Vegetables Likely To Take More of Your Plate in 2016-NPR:

Keep Things Simple for a Long, Healthy Life-NPR:

What type of topics would you like to be addressed in the blog? Let me know!

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How to Support Employee Health Instead of Sapping It

Harvard Business Review shares general ways you can support employee wellness. Did you think of any ideas for your employer? Any challenges?


July Goals


Anddd it’s July. How was everyone’s 4th? Mine was a blast- went out on the water and got some water sports in. Here’s a sample of my excitement from this weekend!


Time  flies way to fast. June was a great month, I went out on the water to wakesurf, taught my first BLS course (assisted), transitioned into my new, added position at my job, felt good about my training for the Half-Ironman and had a great birthday. So many funny voicemails.

OH and the best part, I got approved from my work for funding to do disaster-relief work the end of August. I will be flying in NOLA and then deployed wherever needed. I’m so excited for this opportunity. I will be sharing my experiences within my 10-day trip every day for those who are interested. Details coming soon.

Okay, so I didn’t dominate my goals like I did in May I  but let’s take a look at my June goals.

june goals


Track on myfitnesspal app daily- YES if June was only 14 days long…but no if we are counting the whole month. I am still tracking at least one meal/day but not my full daily like I had planned.

Two brickouts per week- Yes, plus some.

Swim 1.5 miles- YES. every time I swam this month I did at least 1.5 miles. I am really working on my form and those hip strengtheners have really helped with keeping my hips up while swimming.

Hip strengtheners 3x/week- Yup. Seriously, any pain I had before (like my knee pain) is gone now. I love it. Thanks to my physical therapy friends for the exercises.

Write MOH (maid of honor) speech- Yes, but I can see myself changing it a week before….day before…hour before.. The bride & I keep having great (and emotional) conversations- this is a huge transitioning period in her life- so I keep adding things to my speech.

Melodica 1x/week- I played it every week of June except for one. My brother cleaned up my old keyboard so I’ll start playing that again too.

Survive my birthday-check! I had an amazing birthday but the best part were all the hilarious voicemails. I love my voicemails.

Alright- July time. This is a crazy month with bachelorette parties, weddings, the Half-Ironman, working  a lot of weekends at my other job and many plans to get out on the water and attend a few more concerts. I can’t wait.  I’m keeping the number of goals a little bit shorter this month. The picmonkey website hasn’t been working for me so unfortunately I cannot make a fancy monthly goal image like I usually do. Next month!

July Goals:

keeping: Melodica 1x/week until the wedding

Bike the race course 2 more times so I know where the heck I’m going on race day

Complete the Half-Ironman injury free by continuing to train properly for the race

Do yoga 1x/week– I am really great about stretching after every workout but I really want to dedicate more time to doing more yoga per week.

Get monitored for BLS certification- I need to get monitored at my next BLS course to officially become certified as an instructor. I am able to teach but as an assistant right now. Hopefully there will be some opportunities that come up for me to teach this month. I definitely want to be certified by August before my disaster-relief trip.

How did your month of June go? Any goals set for the rest of your summer? Let me know!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone & thanks for reading,


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Biking into Spring and 2015 Race Schedule

Love this lady! Take a look into her life as an Ironman triathlete while balancing the demands of law school…she rocks.

Spoke Beads and Streamers

Winter training in Minneapolis

I think most athletes go through periods of feeling unfocused, unmotivated and unfit. Those of us who train year-round (and even more so those of us Type A’s who don’t understand the concept of “rest”) are particularly prone to both mental and physical exhaustion. However, until this year I had never experienced or understood the winter slump; the last few months have been a rude awakening.

I’ve always, always been an independent (read: stubborn) athlete, perfectly content with solitary trail-running, swimming in an empty pool, and escaping reality on my bike. I love being out on the road or in the woods for hours at a time only to realize that I have no idea what I thought about or how the time passed so quickly.

Part of my preference for solo workouts also stems from the fact that I’m too competitive for my own…

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