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Did you miss these articles?

Perhaps you missed some of these articles from last week. Enjoy!

Brain & Career:
TIME- See How What Makes us Happy has changed in the last 80 years
I couldn’t agree more with this article, but I couldn’t believe which factor dropped so dramatically!

Fast Company – 20 Lessons of Creativity for 2015

Business Insider- 25 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Huffington Post- 27-yr old Eleni Antoniadou is going to change the future of medicine. And makes me want to step up my game!

MedPage Today- Celiac Tied to Neuropathy Risk

I started collecting a vast amount of awesome recipes from to where I’m just going to refer you to the whole SkinnyTaste website…every recipe in there looks delicious. You will find a recipe to try & love-promise!

Thanks to the Recommended Readings email from Healthy Living Blogs, I found this podcast: Mindless Eating: Willpower vs. Environment

NG’s THE Plate- Wasabi: More Than Just a Hot Sushi Condiment

NPR- What if Americans Ate Like South Africans and Vise Versa? Can you guess what happened? I bet you can! I laughed out loud when I saw the sample menu, “burger…fries”…Poor things.

Physical Activity: 6 Ways to Make Running a Habit

Refinery 29- Skin Cancer Selfie
Perhaps you’ve seen this all around the media lately. It’s a picture of a girl as she used tanning beds and then after her skin cancer treatments. Scary, but important for young tanning-bed users to see.

TIME- The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

My new magazine subscriptions: Experience L!fe, Triathelte & also the magazine, Outside.  I really enjoy the variety of their articles. Check them out! 7 Companies with amazingly unique wellness programs

TIME- Why we Accept ‘Dad Bod’ on Rich Men
and then watch the skit from The Daily Show ripping apart the Dad Bod trend from Upworthy. Sorry guys, but the dad bod really is not that attractive 🙂

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Okay Mental Health- it’s time we acknowledge you

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I was working on one of my typical posts with all the links I’ve collected from this week and couldn’t help but notice how many were about mental health. I figured it’d be better to write an individual post about it.

So, mental health. How do you define it? Do you know what it is? There is a terrible stigma in our country when it comes to mental health. If someone is depressed it’s like they have a communicable disease and you can’t talk to them, but people are more than happy to talk about them. People seem to distance themselves away from those with mental illnesses but, really, we  should be moving TOWARDS them. Helping them. Asking them if they need anything. Asking them how the hell they are doing. It amazes me how close-minded people can be about something that can be helped, can be improved, with just a simple acknowledgement.

My little outburst started this morning when I was reading NPR’s article on MIT Trying to Relieve Student Pressure. Did you know they have had 6 suicides in the last 14 months? Or have had higher than the national average suicide rate for the last 2 years? If you read the comments below (you should always read the comments!) they mentioned how a professor committed suicide in the last year. This doesn’t seem to be just an MIT problem, but a problem within our culture. As noted in the comments, a “sink or swim” attitude within the academic system (and as our country as a whole really) has created many, many mental health issues which unfortunately can lead to suicidal behavior.

The Journal of the American Heart Association (JAHA) published a study correlating depression & strokes titled, “Changes in Depressive Symptoms and Incidence of First Stroke Among Middle-Aged and Older US Adults” Linked is the abstract version, you can see the full text here. Did you hear about this? What do you think?

On a positive note, many Minnesota employers have collaborated efforts & ideas to create the Make it Okay Campaign that works towards acknowledging & educating the population about mental health. The goal is to reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and make it okay to talk about them.  They are having an ambassador training in a few weeks which I look forward to attending. I’m excited to work with my co-workers to kick this campaign off within the community we I work in. I will follow up more after the training.

If you think you may be suffering from a mental illness (or even experiencing similar symptoms of one) please GET HELP. Reach out to your friends & family, talk to your school counselors, talk to your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at work. Talk to anyone! There are free resources out there and there are plenty of people that want to help.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to let me know how YOU are helping prevent the stigma against mental illnesses!


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Lovin’ these links

Ah yes, more articles for you to read. I’m finding that it’s a lot easier for me to consolidate articles I find into one post instead of putting each one aside and think, I’ll write about it later!”

Dan Simms is the writer and creator of Irrational Living LLC. You can receive daily emails of inspiration which I LOVE or you can occasionally check out his blog to get a dose of education & motivation; whichever you prefer. His email topics have varied from how others can affect us to working towards progression. He plugs in a lot of great books, quotes and videos, too.

Ban the word diet from diet sodas? Are you a soda drinker? If you’re trying to lose weight, I highly suggest you try not drinking a soda for even a month to be surprised by the differences in your weight and overall health. Just because it’s liquid doesn’t mean there are no calories or additives in those drinks! Don’t believe me? Try a tracker like  (available online or by phone) to track your soda intake for a week- those calories do add up…and so does the money! is a new site from AMSSM website that provides sports medicine resources about pretty much anything sports & medicine related. For easier site guidance, if you look to the left you can search by injury or by sport. Right away I went to the foot injuries and read about Achilles Tendon Ruptures…interesting stuff. Have you checked it out? What did you learn?

Quick and Dirty Tips provided a helpful article on How to Avoid Awkward Silence at work and How Power Poses Can Build Confidence. I enjoyed them both, but I thought the power pose article was really interesting. Why aren’t we taught these things growing up?!?

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I find these links interesting

Hello there and happy Friday.I wanted to share a few links from this week I’ve found pretty interesting. Instead of sharing them individually, I thought it might be a little nicer in one post.  Enjoy!

Did you hear about the recent collaboration between the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and Kraft? Basically, Kraft products (i.e. cheese) will be labeled “healthy” with a Kids Eat Right label on it…buttt not too many people are happy about that. Read about the controversy and not-so-happy dieticians in the Food Politics article, here. *Make sure to read the whole article where it addresses Coke products behind-the-scenes partnerships, too.

I recently signed up for 30 Day of Biking. Every time they reach 30 pledges a bike is donated to Free Bikes for Kidz. How cool is that? I will bike every day in April- even if it’s for 5 minutes! Join if you’re interested, here.

Lifehack sent an article about The Best 8 Project Management Apps..and although I can’t really use any of these right now, I thought they were still interesting and could help some reader out there.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently posted a study, “Delivery Change that Lasts…” about integrating coaching within the fitness industry and the positive effects that come from it. As the study states, in summary, ” Health and wellness coaching processes provide a toolbox of skills proven effective at assisting people make healthy behavior changes. Which coaching tools can an exercise professional (e.g., health fitness specialist) use to improve the probability of success with his or her clientele? Eliciting client mindfulness, positivity, and autonomous motivation and developing self-efficacy are among the coaching skills that can serve the exercise professional well while moving outside the fitness expert–only box.” I love seeing coaching being recognized for it’s benefits within a lot of healthcare professions!

I just finished my Positive Psychology course through Coursera. Coursera provides free online courses on many different subjects- for free! You can earn certificates if you want in the classes, but it’s free, and educational…c’mon what’s better than that. Check out the course offerings here!

Have you ever heard of the Diet Detective? His name is Charles Platkin and he is one of the country’s leading nutrition & public health advocates. He writes articles for popular fitness sites (i.e., and is an University Educator as well. I suggest you subscribe to his newsletter!

Alright, I think that’s enough for a post- enjoy and  thanks for reading!


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Search “links” “resources” or “phone apps” for more related posts, tips and articles!

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A fitness center’s quick clean up (DIY?)

Not sure if this would really be a DIY project since there are no crafts, sawing or painting involved, but I recently added a few things to the fitness center in my complex and I thought I’d remind people what a difference a few things can make to a fitness room! Also, I include a few tips on finding good deals on wanted items.

I talked to the manager of my complex after seeing our awesome, colorful fitness center with many treadmills, bikes, bow machine, some mats, ellipticals….but missing a fan. And a foam roller. Annddd had mismatch weights. I proposed to him a quick fitness renovation project. He was impressed and gave me a dollar amount to spend, I found what I could within that budget, and then was reimbursed afterwards.


For $50 I found:

A fan- $6, local thrift store


A 25 lb dumbbell set-$10 craigslist ad


foam roller-$4 Goodwill (see above)

nice mat-$5 Goodwill (see above)

frames for “Clean your equipment” signs-$1 each at dollar store (see above)

hooks- $2 each at dollar store (see above)

mirror- $5 at goodwill (see above)

clock- $6 at Dollar Store (see above)

Air freshener (needed)- $2 at Dollar Store (see above)

Bottle for a mat cleaner-$1 at Dollar Store (see above)

Duct tape- for agility training- $1 at Dollar Store


Total plus tax: $50!


I added many recipes for anyone to grab from I included ones with quinoa, a protein ball recipe, spring salad, and tacos. I also laminated a few sheets on stretching, resistance training, agility/jump rope work, and foam rolling exercises. Yes, I did tack a few business cards on the boards as well 🙂

As you read above, I only went to:  Dollar Store, local thrift store, Goodwill, and stopped at a lady’s house who I found on craigslist to get the dumbbell/weight set. Accomplished this in 2 days and it was pretty fun.

I also put a craigslist ad out to see if anyone would be willing to donate anything. Haven’t heard anything yet but it is amazing how much free stuff (i.e. pianos, TONS of pianos!) you can find online, especially, craigslist.

The complex’s staff said they were happy with the change and have received compliments from the other residents. They also proposed I do this for the other properties as well. Sure, why not 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer -Exam Tips

I did pretty well on the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam, dang near perfect, and now I want you to, too!

1. I chose ACSM because it is the same certification institution as my Wellcoaches certification and membership. I also like how it is more clinically focused and there are other opportunities to advance with the degree (i.e. specializing in working with cancer patients). I wanted to become a CPT because I knew it would be a great complement with coaching.

2. I bought all 3 recommended books. I found them really cheap and used online, though. Below are pictures of 2 out of 3.

ACSM Resources for the Personal Trainer-2013


ACSM’s Certification Review


ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing Prescription

I would encourage you to purchase all 3, but for the exam I only used the first 2 books to study. There are workshops available and if I had the time and funds, I would have definitely done them! I encourage you to to get hands-on training. I am surprised there isn’t a practical component mandatory to get certified as a personal trainer through ACSM. I bet this will change in the future.

3. I Scheduled my exam. I know it seems sily to schedule it before really studying, but I knew it would be the kick in the butt I needed to start cracking down. I started looking at the material but didn’t feel the pressure to know everything so I just scheduled an exam and away I went.

4. Start Studying…You should probably know what will be on the exam. It’s available here: Exam Content & Outline

5. Do your research! It’s really helpful to always google any resources that may be available to help you study. A few things I found that might be helpful for you:

If you like making flashcards, you can online at or There are some already made and available cards for the ACSM CPT exam on those sites.

Phone App: CertMantra CPT. I can’t tell you how much this app helped me with the exam. I highly encourage you to spend the $6 on this app. Right now it’s only available for Android phones. I will update the post if I find one for iphones.

What else have others said about the exam? This video helped a lot and so did this post. Everything they suggested you to know for the exam is dead on. Everything from knowing the rotator cuff muscles to how to calculate heart rate reserve. Read it, soak it in, and be able to spit it out.

6. Study! I highlighted information in the books, did a few skype dates with my friend who is also taking the exam and went over case studies, did the practice test in the certification review book twice and studied all the sets in the CertMantra phone app many times. I felt very confident going into the exam.

You’ve got this! If you have any questions please let me know.

Thanks for reading!