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Runner’s Connect-hip strengtheners

Last year, a week before my Half-Ironman my calves started cramping, then my leg hurt and then I just fell like I fell apart! I went to a Physical Therapist, who after examination, said due to the difference in my leg lengths, one side is stronger than the other causing an imbalance and overall weakness in my hips. The PT introduced me to some great exercises that have really helped reduce my back, leg and knee pain. The article below from Runner’s Connect does a good job explaining the exercises. Enjoy!

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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out – Motto

TIME shares some strategies on how to maintain motivation to exercise on a daily basis. Enjoy!

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Random Shmandom Links

I’m getting really good at saving links that I want to post on here and then…forgetting to post them. Below are some random, great articles and videos that I’ve accumulated over the last week or two. I think it’s always important to be reminded how there are so many facets of health. Education on brain fitness, body posture, happiness, and food intake, for example, are all part of health; all part of YOUR health.

My favorite link in this post is the “What Makes a Good Life” TED Talks video.   In college, I traveled abroad in third-world countries where people didn’t have much besides a cell phone (crazy, right?), but they still managed to be welcoming and grateful for the resources they had. During those times of awareness I also read Blue Zones by Dan Buettner and fell in love with the book’s message about living a long, happy life.  Happiness really isn’t about having “things,” it comes down to…well, I’ll just let you watch the video. Enjoy!

How to Remember Names:

What Makes a Good Life? -TED Talks:

Here’s What Happened When I Slept For an Extra Hour Each Night:

The Benefits of Good Posture-TED Talks:

Vegetables Likely To Take More of Your Plate in 2016-NPR:

Keep Things Simple for a Long, Healthy Life-NPR:

What type of topics would you like to be addressed in the blog? Let me know!

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People With Brain Injuries Heal Faster If They Get Up And Get Moving : Shots – Health News : NPR

“Get up and get moving!” Is one of the most common phrases I say to my clients. It helps with anxiety, depression, cholesterol,  blood pressure…and now helps those with brain injuries heal faster?  Need I (we) say more? Get movin!

Click below for NPR’s article on how physical activity helps the healing time for those with brain injuries.