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Disgust Diet: Can You Train Your Brain To Recoil At High-Calorie Foods? : The Salt : NPR

NPR introduces a new way to help reduce those unhealthy cravings! This just might work for my DQ ice cream. I hope they do make that phone app.

phone apps

Phone apps that may help you out in life

There are a few FREE phone apps you should look into to live a saner life:

1. Fooducate -You can scan your grocery items and compare them to better or worse options

2. Mapmyrun– Track your mileage on your feet, bike, blades, whatever!

3. Myfitnesspal– It’s a great app if you don’t mind entering your calories and workouts

4. Coupon Sherpa– coupons for the fancy stores

5. Flipboard– add your favorite topics to this phone app to read the daily news you’re actually interested in

6. IHeartRadio– free. music. You can listen to health radio stations or local ones too

7. Your bank’s mobile phone app. Most banks have mobile banking where you can check your account, or take a picture of a received check and have it deposited in seconds!

8. ColorNote– who needs a paper and pen anymore?


Nutrition & Weight Management:

Whole Foods Market- great recipes

allrecipes- more great recipes

Calorie manager- keep track of your diet!

Fooducate- see above

LoseIt!- Calorie tracking app that creates a weight loss plan for you!

Argus: the app monitors pretty much everything you do

Myfitnesspal- see above

Physical Activity: manage and track your fitness activities!

Charity Miles- a corporate sponsor matches every mile you run, bike walk, etc.

7-minute workout- 12 workouts, 7 minutes

EveryMove- rewards you (with points) for your active life!


Sleep- combines soothing base sounds for better sleep

Calm- offers a soothing meditation for a break, anytime of day

Mindshift- This app helps teens and young adults cope with anxiety

Headspace-A 10-minute guided meditation

Brain Teasers- fun brain teasers for any age

Miscellaneous: the best phone app you can find for a drug lists, information, etc.

Pock First Aid & CPR- you just never know when you might need this!

Period Tracker- helps women track their moods, menstruation cycle, and more!

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ACSM Certified Personal Trainer -Exam Tips

I did pretty well on the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam, dang near perfect, and now I want you to, too!

1. I chose ACSM because it is the same certification institution as my Wellcoaches certification and membership. I also like how it is more clinically focused and there are other opportunities to advance with the degree (i.e. specializing in working with cancer patients). I wanted to become a CPT because I knew it would be a great complement with coaching.

2. I bought all 3 recommended books. I found them really cheap and used online, though. Below are pictures of 2 out of 3.

ACSM Resources for the Personal Trainer-2013


ACSM’s Certification Review


ACSM’s Guidelines for Exercise Testing Prescription

I would encourage you to purchase all 3, but for the exam I only used the first 2 books to study. There are workshops available and if I had the time and funds, I would have definitely done them! I encourage you to to get hands-on training. I am surprised there isn’t a practical component mandatory to get certified as a personal trainer through ACSM. I bet this will change in the future.

3. I Scheduled my exam. I know it seems sily to schedule it before really studying, but I knew it would be the kick in the butt I needed to start cracking down. I started looking at the material but didn’t feel the pressure to know everything so I just scheduled an exam and away I went.

4. Start Studying…You should probably know what will be on the exam. It’s available here: Exam Content & Outline

5. Do your research! It’s really helpful to always google any resources that may be available to help you study. A few things I found that might be helpful for you:

If you like making flashcards, you can online at or There are some already made and available cards for the ACSM CPT exam on those sites.

Phone App: CertMantra CPT. I can’t tell you how much this app helped me with the exam. I highly encourage you to spend the $6 on this app. Right now it’s only available for Android phones. I will update the post if I find one for iphones.

What else have others said about the exam? This video helped a lot and so did this post. Everything they suggested you to know for the exam is dead on. Everything from knowing the rotator cuff muscles to how to calculate heart rate reserve. Read it, soak it in, and be able to spit it out.

6. Study! I highlighted information in the books, did a few skype dates with my friend who is also taking the exam and went over case studies, did the practice test in the certification review book twice and studied all the sets in the CertMantra phone app many times. I felt very confident going into the exam.

You’ve got this! If you have any questions please let me know.

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Do brain games!…or not.

You may have heard, “It’s important to enhance our memory and problem-solving skills by doing brain games”….I have too. I actually thought brain games were very beneficial until I found a few articles that had me question if they’re worth doing or not. I was working on a post about brain games and wanted to read some studies and stats where I found the “Brain Training Doesn’t Work” article from Scientific American and “Neuroscientists speak out against brain game hype” from Science Mag. They conclude brain games cannot negatively effect you, but studies have not shown significant and publish-worthy improvements in cognitive functioning from doing them. If you have had positive outcomes from brain games (like some commenters in the Science Mag article did) please share!

But then there is an article, like this, from The Atlantic which says they do help.  I give up. I enjoy them, I feel smarter doing them, I’m going to keep doing them. If you still want to do them, scroll down to read some brain game resources!

Online Brain Games:


National Geographic has quizzes, series, articles and more about a variety of brain topics! It’s quite an interesting site-check it out!

Lumosity– there is a fee to join, but this site is great and has had very positive outcomes from the brain trainings.

Phone Apps:


Brain Wars- Translimit, Inc.

Brain Training-Mikel Young

To Read:

The book, “Change Your Brain: Change Your Life“- is one by Dr. Amen that doesn’t necessarily discuss and provide brain games, but does provide education and tools on conquering mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression or anger. He has you do evaluations of certain behaviors and gives you “to dos” to help overcome any mental barriers. I will be doing a separate post on this book. So, kind of off topic but definitely brain-post worthy.

Forbes article

The Guardian article


There are many more brain-training resources out there. Do you use any?


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