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End Of Medicare Bonuses Will Cut Pay To Primary Care Doctors : Shots – Health News : NPR

Will your primary care practitioner be effected? Will you?


Did you know?, Medicine, physical activity

People With Brain Injuries Heal Faster If They Get Up And Get Moving : Shots – Health News : NPR

“Get up and get moving!” Is one of the most common phrases I say to my clients. It helps with anxiety, depression, cholesterol,  blood pressure…and now helps those with brain injuries heal faster?  Need I (we) say more? Get movin!

Click below for NPR’s article on how physical activity helps the healing time for those with brain injuries.


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Did you miss these articles?

Perhaps you missed some of these articles from last week. Enjoy!

Brain & Career:
TIME- See How What Makes us Happy has changed in the last 80 years
I couldn’t agree more with this article, but I couldn’t believe which factor dropped so dramatically!

Fast Company – 20 Lessons of Creativity for 2015

Business Insider- 25 Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Huffington Post- 27-yr old Eleni Antoniadou is going to change the future of medicine. And makes me want to step up my game!

MedPage Today- Celiac Tied to Neuropathy Risk

I started collecting a vast amount of awesome recipes from Skinnytaste.com to where I’m just going to refer you to the whole SkinnyTaste website…every recipe in there looks delicious. You will find a recipe to try & love-promise!

Thanks to the Recommended Readings email from Healthy Living Blogs, I found this podcast: Mindless Eating: Willpower vs. Environment

NG’s THE Plate- Wasabi: More Than Just a Hot Sushi Condiment

NPR- What if Americans Ate Like South Africans and Vise Versa? Can you guess what happened? I bet you can! I laughed out loud when I saw the sample menu, “burger…fries”…Poor things.

Physical Activity:

Myfitnesspal.com- 6 Ways to Make Running a Habit

Refinery 29- Skin Cancer Selfie
Perhaps you’ve seen this all around the media lately. It’s a picture of a girl as she used tanning beds and then after her skin cancer treatments. Scary, but important for young tanning-bed users to see.

TIME- The Best Way to Quit Smoking Isn’t E-Cigs

My new magazine subscriptions: Experience L!fe, Triathelte & also the magazine, Outside.  I really enjoy the variety of their articles. Check them out!

StoneHearthNewsletters.com- 7 Companies with amazingly unique wellness programs

TIME- Why we Accept ‘Dad Bod’ on Rich Men
and then watch the skit from The Daily Show ripping apart the Dad Bod trend from Upworthy. Sorry guys, but the dad bod really is not that attractive 🙂

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Hey, you should read these!

Well, it’s been quite awhile but I’m finally sharing some more published articles from the past few weeks. I was watching my inbox fill up with all of these links I sent myself to share in a future post and it was driving me nuts! A cluttered inbox motivates me to post more often. It’s a sick mind game, really…Anyways, enjoy the articles! I tried to separate them by topic to help you find ones you may be interested more than others.


10 Habits of Successful People from Lifehack. Traits seen in successful individuals, do you have any of these?

Videos to help you with public speaking…there are 8 videos included in this TED Talks series. Even watching one of them will give you some tips & tricks on getting over that stage freight!

A TED Talks intern shares what they learned after watching every TED video….  After reading this, I’m going to just keep on asking questions, no matter how annoyed my friends & family get 😉

How to Look for Emotional Intelligence on Your Team from HBR. Is emotional intelligence the new popular term or what? I keep seeing it everywhere in business articles. Are you familiar with it?

TED Talks: Cognitive Surplus and its effects video

Ways to Create Your Own Happiness at Work. I found this article through my Flipboard app. If you don’t have the app, I highly suggest you get it!

Physical Activity

Runner’s World Yoga Moves for Runners (scroll down to middle of screen) . I know I need to do some of these!

Athletes & Heat Stroke: New Preventative Measures from Reuters Health Are you familiar with heat strokes and what to do if someone you’re with has one?

Food & Nutrition:

Can you eat TOO healthy? Can healthy eating become an eating disorder? The answer is yes. It breaks my heart how people have taken healthy eating to an extreme and experience a new-er eating disorder, orthorexia. It’s just as bad as any other one. Read more about the healthy eating disorder, Orthorexia, here.

For all you crazy coffee drinkers, Lee from Fit Foodie Finds has this amazing-looking mocha joe coffee & protein recipe that even I (a non-coffee drinker) think looks delicious! Click here for the recipe

Scientists Discover How to Switch off Hunger What, really? I would have linked the direct study from Nature Neuroscience (linked & cited in article) but I like how IFLScience.com summarized the findings.

What 5 Days of Junk Food Does to Your Body from TIME. Not too surprised. Video included. This article could go under the Body section, too.

Interested in giving your opinions on the 2015 Dietary Guidelines? Food Politics shows you how to here.


When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go?-BMJ article Before you read the link, where do you think fat goes?

Brown Fat Injections Reverse Weight Gain in Obese Mice-MedPage Today.  Have you heard of brown fat?


Work-Based Wellness Programs Can Reduce Employee Obesity from HealthiestBlog. I love reading more and more of these studies that are coming out. Lifestyle change and adaptation to a healthier life takes time and plus, health really is not as quantifiable as the “big guys” in administration need it to be to prove its impact. For example, how can you measure that someone is less stressed? That they are more organized? Happier at home? It’s difficult, but we’re working on finding ways to prove (numerically)  these changes are beneficial to employers & communities.

And last but not least…

All my friends and family know how much I love writing cards, especially around the holidays. This year I found these cheap pills at Target that turn into creatures when you put them in water. That was a fun holiday-card gift. Anyways, my followers may know how big of a fan I am of Dan Simm’s Irrational Living LLC blog so while I was writing a few cards out to my friends, I wrote him one to thank him for his daily motivation & education. He was really grateful for the card and wrote a post about Thanking People here. I’m really grateful for his shout out. I think it’s time for another round of thank you cards!

Thank you for reading another link-filled post. Let me know if you ever want me to write about a specific topic! I’m always thinking of new topics to write about but I want to hear from YOU, the reader, first.


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