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TED Talks: Which houseplants should I get?

This is how I avoid a Sunday 9-mile run…by watching TED Talks all morning. Below is a TED link on which houseplants to buy for the freshest air. Enjoy!

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Watch “What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness | Robert Waldinger | TED Talks” on YouTube

One of my new favorite TED Talks videos. Want to be happier and healthier? Enhance the quality of your relationships. It’ll pay off!

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Runner’s Connect-hip strengtheners

Last year, a week before my Half-Ironman my calves started cramping, then my leg hurt and then I just fell like I fell apart! I went to a Physical Therapist, who after examination, said due to the difference in my leg lengths, one side is stronger than the other causing an imbalance and overall weakness in my hips. The PT introduced me to some great exercises that have really helped reduce my back, leg and knee pain. The article below from Runner’s Connect does a good job explaining the exercises. Enjoy!


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Next Level Living Videos

Huffington Post has Next Level Living videos that break down topics such as sleep or circadian rhythms. They’re short, simple and entertaining yet really get some valuable information across. Enjoy!