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Hello, I’m Chelsea, the President of InPower Coaching LLC,
and the creator of this blog.

InPower‘s Resource/Blog was designed to satisfy those who are hungry for health. After creating the website for the InPower Coaching LLC I thought it would be a good idea to have a website for my clients to go to who are looking for resources on all kinds of health topics. 

How this website works:

On the top left is the menu tab. Here you can search a certain topic or find a post by a specific category.

Feeling stressed? Click on the topic “Stress Mgt.”

Interested in high blood pressure/hypertension? Click “Hypertension”. 

I will be regularly posting health-related articles, videos, news updates on the homepage and fun facts for your education and enjoyment.  Please enjoy & share whatever you learn on this site.

Oh, you probably would like to know a little bit about myself.

Born & raised in Madison, Wisconsin (insert crazy Packers fan line here) and currently reside in the lovely, bike-friendly Twin Cities. I love being outside and need at least one lake within a 2 mile radius of me at all times. Reading, triathlon training, working on DIY projects, trying my hardest to get creative in the kitchen and just being a big ol’ weirdo with my friends are my hobbies.

Please contact InPower/me with any questions, comments or feedback!

Thanks & enjoy the blog,


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