Anddd it’s July. How was everyone’s 4th? Mine was a blast- went out on the water and got some water sports in. Here’s a sample of my excitement from this weekend!


Time  flies way to fast. June was a great month, I went out on the water to wakesurf, taught my first BLS course (assisted), transitioned into my new, added position at my job, felt good about my training for the Half-Ironman and had a great birthday. So many funny voicemails.

OH and the best part, I got approved from my work for funding to do disaster-relief work the end of August. I will be flying in NOLA and then deployed wherever needed. I’m so excited for this opportunity. I will be sharing my experiences within my 10-day trip every day for those who are interested. Details coming soon.

Okay, so I didn’t dominate my goals like I did in May I  but let’s take a look at my June goals.

june goals


Track on myfitnesspal app daily- YES if June was only 14 days long…but no if we are counting the whole month. I am still tracking at least one meal/day but not my full daily like I had planned.

Two brickouts per week- Yes, plus some.

Swim 1.5 miles- YES. every time I swam this month I did at least 1.5 miles. I am really working on my form and those hip strengtheners have really helped with keeping my hips up while swimming.

Hip strengtheners 3x/week- Yup. Seriously, any pain I had before (like my knee pain) is gone now. I love it. Thanks to my physical therapy friends for the exercises.

Write MOH (maid of honor) speech- Yes, but I can see myself changing it a week before….day before…hour before.. The bride & I keep having great (and emotional) conversations- this is a huge transitioning period in her life- so I keep adding things to my speech.

Melodica 1x/week- I played it every week of June except for one. My brother cleaned up my old keyboard so I’ll start playing that again too.

Survive my birthday-check! I had an amazing birthday but the best part were all the hilarious voicemails. I love my voicemails.

Alright- July time. This is a crazy month with bachelorette parties, weddings, the Half-Ironman, working  a lot of weekends at my other job and many plans to get out on the water and attend a few more concerts. I can’t wait.  I’m keeping the number of goals a little bit shorter this month. The picmonkey website hasn’t been working for me so unfortunately I cannot make a fancy monthly goal image like I usually do. Next month!

July Goals:

keeping: Melodica 1x/week until the wedding

Bike the race course 2 more times so I know where the heck I’m going on race day

Complete the Half-Ironman injury free by continuing to train properly for the race

Do yoga 1x/week– I am really great about stretching after every workout but I really want to dedicate more time to doing more yoga per week.

Get monitored for BLS certification- I need to get monitored at my next BLS course to officially become certified as an instructor. I am able to teach but as an assistant right now. Hopefully there will be some opportunities that come up for me to teach this month. I definitely want to be certified by August before my disaster-relief trip.

How did your month of June go? Any goals set for the rest of your summer? Let me know!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone & thanks for reading,


Twitter –>@InPower Coach

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