I may or may not have stole the “Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself” line from the glow-in-the dark-bracelets I use to distribute at bars in college to promote HIV/AIDS prevention on Saturday nights…but hey it does work well talking about sun protection, too!

In the Midwest we tend to go slightly crazy when we have one sunny day above 50 degrees especially the first week. Enjoying every second of it since it feels like we have most of the year under those cumulonimbus clouds (the big chunky ones).  Last week, I was almost blinded by all the runners’ legs who, I’m guessing, haven’t seen the sun in awhile- mine included. As tempting as it is to just run outside whenever it’s sunny and soak up the sun, it’s important to remember the importance of sun protection as we transition into any sunny season.


This is me rocking a visor, sunglasses with my work’s cruiser bike, and being best friend’s with 70 spf sunscreen. Which yes, I use. Cancer does not run in my family , I do not have cancer or any suspicious moles BUT I am aware how important it is to take care of the largest organ in our body, our skin!

Read the following:

Sun Protection Facts You Should Know

A Guide to Sunglasses

Pretty much anything you need to know about sun protection & cancer prevention.

Alternatives to sun bathing:

Not Caring- Does it matter how tan you are for that wedding? Have you seen pictures of people who have tanned their whole life at 65 years of age? It’s not pretty people.

Self-tanning lotions- Jergens has an awesome self-tanner that you can apply and within a few weeks will notice a glow. Check your local stores to find a self-tanner that works for you.

Spray tans-My first experience as a first time spray-tanner 2 months ago went really well and I highly suggest it if you’re looking for an extra glow for those fun spring & summer events! Check local Groupons  to get discounts.

Or see this picture of a girl who use to self-tan and now is taking selfies post-cancer treatments. Disturbing, yet powerful image everyone should see!

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