Well this lil lady is currently sitting down enjoying a banana and chai tea, ready to type. I went to bed ridiculously early last night (930pm-very early for me) after my grocery store tour and am now feeling like a gem today. I’ve learned that I need about 7 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. Even though we are encouraged to get 6-8 hours of sleep, a doctor who once presented on sleep said everyone is different and some may need less than 8 hours of sleep-more-or less- than others. How many hours do you need?

Alright, let’s talk about April & May Goals….since there are one hundred of them. Since I do not have a lot of wedding shenanigans this month (I just got done with a 5 weekend bender) I am using the extra time to help my friend’s parents out with building their deck, picking up shifts at my other job andddd taking on all of these goals, plus whatever else comes up. I feel confident I can accomplish them so it’s not overwhelming for me. I’m almost to a point where if I have something on that dang whiteboard-which I’m obsessed with- I will make sure it’s checked off by the end of the month.

Before I recap last month’s goals, do you remember the post about goal setting? What does the acronym SMART stand for when it comes to goal-setting? When I write these goals in my posts, I am adding in the rest of the SMART components in my head, I try to keep them somewhat simple when I write them on here.

April Goals:


  1. Schedule a presentation through my LLC- nope. Bummer, eh? I feel like I get so close with scheduling one and then something doesn’t execute. Still working on it. I really would like to do a presentation on summer cooking, summer safety, sun protection (which I will be blogging about this month) or any health topic, really. They are all interesting to me and I know I could add a creative twist to keep the audience entertained.
  2. Run twice around lake– yes I did; a few times. I did a figure 8 around the 3-mile lakes around my place. One time with a friend. With the run to and from the lakes, the run totaled to be about 8 ½ miles. I felt really good, too. There was only a little pain in my left knee which I’ve had since college.
  3. Back into every parking stall I can– still makes me giggle when I read this goal but hey I did it! I did not back into a stall only 3 times this month only because I would have hit another car. Not “I THINK I would have hit another car” no, I really would have hit another car.

May goals:


  1. Run every Monday at 6AM– it starts my week off well, and then I can get in another workout at night to crank up my Half-Ironman training. This Monday morning I saw a baby loon (chick) and it made the early run all worth it.
  2. One or more brick workouts per week- time to start training my body again how to transition from biking to running. Want to learn about brick workouts? Click here.
  3. Melodica 1+ times/week- Thanks to listening to “La Vie en Rose” five-hundred times while in New Orleans last weekend, I am back to watching the scene from “How I met Your Mother” where Cristin Milioti is playing her ukelele to the song. It encouraged me to start playing some cheesy songs on the melodica again. Plus, since I know my one of my girlfriends, who I am the Maid of Honor for, doesn’t read my blog, I can tell the whole blog world that I am going to bust out some Lady Gaga on the melodica with some other people at her wedding- pretty excited about that.
  4. Thank You Card– After reading Dan’s post on Thanking People, I’d like to write another one this month. Try writing one this month, too! Mother’s Day doesn’t count- you should already be thanking your mother 🙂
  5. Volunteer/Donation– I want to donate blood, volunteer at a race or donate this month. Some sort of contribution.
  6. Sunglasses/Visor every workout– I am terrible at protecting my eyes. I wear a hat when it’s really hot out and my sunglasses when I bike, but otherwise…not so much. It’s bad. Like mentioned above, I will be writing a post about sun protection this month. Sunscreen, visors, hats, sunglasses and whatever else I can think of will be mentioned!
  7. Run around lakes 3 times. It’s time to step up my running yet again and do 3 loops around the lake, a total of about 9 miles of lake running, plus running to & from the lake will give a grand total of a 11 mile run. Here we go legs.
  8. Health video– I just need to start making these videos I keep thinking about.
  9. Whiteboard challenge draft– I would like to do a whiteboard challenge with goal-setting. Kristen from Happy Hour Effect said she would help promote it. If I can get a draft started it’ll help just get going on it.
  10. Join a club or team. I would like to be more social. Being in New Orleans with a group of girls was so good for me. I love people and am a very social person, but I need at least 3 times as much time by myself to be that social.  I do not know too many people in the cities so I know I should join some sort of group. I’m thinking bike group, tri group, volleyball and/or softball group. Meetup.com is great to find these type of outings so hopefully I’ll get to a volleyball game in or two by the end of the month.
  11. Lastly, swim 1.5 miles– I just bought new paddles and a new suit so I’m good to go for the equipment! My previous suit was…awesome. It was so used that when I would get out of the pool it looked like I had a rapid weight loss of 500 lbs. There was a lot of wear & tear.  My friend, Ami, encouraged me many times to get a new suit. Now she won’t be (as) embarrassed to swim with me anymore 😉

Whoofta-all done.

And just for a little extra information:

Did you ever see my IPC Blog video? Watch it here! (Don’t you love the claw hands are my thumbnail?) The video is also in my About page.

Peel a hardboiled egg Crazy Fast! – this video cracked me up.

Why do your knuckles pop? -video

Recommended books to help you learn about you

And I just want to give Katie a shout out – I can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Thanks for reading,


Twitter –> @InPower Coach

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