Besides that whole stalking thing, from time to time, Facebook’s news feed shows you high school friends you haven’t talked to in awhile. I was scrolling through my news feed one day and couldn’t help but notice one of my friends from high school, Corinn, was/is just dominating in her marketing career. She was coordinating networking events, receiving awards for her hard work and just looking fanastic. I had to see what she was up to and get some of her insight for those young professionals out there. Enjoy the interview with her!


1. Corinn- tell the blog a little about yourself.

My name is Corinn. I grew up in Waunakee, WI and currently live in Oregon, WI. I attended the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse and received a BS in Marketing with a French minor. I moved back to the Madison area after college because I love this city. There is always so much to do! I landed a job in marketing at Wegner CPAs, a local accounting firm that prides itself on putting people first and being an excellent educational resource for current and future clients. I’ve enjoyed growing in my career over the past 4.5 years and strive to constantly learn new things and expand my knowledge of marketing trends.

Outside of work, I serve on two nonprofit boards. I am currently the Board President of Madison Magnet, a young professionals organization that engages young professionals in the community by collaborating on volunteer, professional development and networking events. Additionally, I serve on the leadership council for the Rosenberry Society, a group of young professional philanthropists for the United Way of Dane County.

When I’m not working on marketing, leading board meetings, or attending networking events, I really enjoy focusing on my health.  I like to hit the gym 3-4 days a week.  In general, I choose running as my cardio since I like to sign up for fun 5Ks throughout the year.

For fun, I enjoy monthly girls’ nights with friends – our goal is to find a fun, new and exciting restaurant or bar and spend a happy hour or dinner together.  More recently, I’ve been into checking out local breweries, craft beer festivals, and winery tours.  It’s a fun way to try out new brews and expand my pallet for wine.

 2. What have you learned about being successful in your 20’s?

Being successful in your 20s is definitely something you have to work at. As a Millennial, you have to overcome the stereotypes of being “lazy” or “entitled” and show people that you have drive and ambition. Your 20s is a decade of transition, from finishing college, to landing your first job, to finding your footing as an “adult” in a fast-paced world. It’s a time to discover who you are and where you want to go.

That being said, this is a time to set goals and make a plan to reach them. I like to have both short-term and long-term goals, always keeping in mind that I can adjust the long-term ones if I need to. It’s important to set professional and personal goals. Even though I work for accountants, I don’t have a “numbers driven” career so I make goals to learn new skills by taking classes and attending conferences. For this year’s personal goal, I want to read all the books on my bookshelves. I have two in my living room and when I moved into my condo, I bought books to fill them up. Now, I am making a point to actually read them instead of just using them for decoration.

Being successful in your 20s means working hard, but also having fun. We’re still young and should be taking advantage of all the world has to offer. You’re successful if you can find a way to balance life and work that makes sense for you. As someone who’s on the verge of upper-twenties, I am still figuring out the balancing act. I’m really good at being busy and having things to do, but that also means I’m really good at filling my own plate. I am learning that to be successful, I need to work on my delegating skills and remember to take breaks and have fun (that’s why I treasure the aforementioned girls nights!)

3. What motivates you to be a healthier you?

I am very self-motivated, which is a trait that comes in handy when working independently. I think what has motivated me the most is my strong support network. My family has always encouraged me to follow my heart and my passions. My friends are great for pushing me and giving honest advice. I owe my passion for running to two great friends who got me started and have become great running buddies! I also have various mentors in my professional life who’ve taught me so much about advancing my career and how important it is to believe in yourself and your ideas.

I am very involved in the Madison community and that stems from wanting to give back to the great city I live in, work in, and enjoy. In my volunteer work, I have a goal to fuel passion in other young professionals for our community, get them engaged, and help them see that they can make a difference.

A healthier me is motivated by that balancing act I mentioned. I want to do great things in my career, but I also want to enjoy life outside of my job. I can’t do both if I’m not maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I try to make healthy food choices, balance out my happy hours, and hit the gym consistently. I also try to get a good amount of sleep. You can’t give 100% if you’re tired. Sleep is one of my health and wellness focuses for this year. I am trying to turn off technology, enjoy a good book, and get 6-8 hours of sleep each night.

4. Any suggestions for those looking to be better bloggers, professionals, etc.?

I actually have a blog, and I was writing 2-3 posts a week, but for the last 8 months or so I took a hiatus.  I wanted to reduce my level of posting and enjoy summer, friends and fun.  That being said, I too much time off and haven’t gotten back to it, and I miss it!  I guess this would be advice I have to take too since it’s never too late to refresh and start writing again!  A blog offered me a creative outlet and a way to express myself.  I would recommend deciding what it is you want to blog about and stick to it – you don’t have to be everything to everyone.  You’ll eventually attract loyal readers based on your topic of choice.  I would rather have an engaged audience than lots of followers who skim my posts and aren’t that interested.

If you’re looking to better yourself in a professional sense, my best advice is to find something you’re passionate about and then dive in!  I can’t tell you how exciting a career in marketing has been for me – it’s an industry that is constantly changing and I enjoy keeping up with it.  Once you find that passion, it becomes easy to motivate yourself and also strive for more!

Corinn P.

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