From the latest articles…I think you’ll learn a thing or two. Read below to read a few articles from this week that grabbed my attention.

Daily Worth writes a few tips about How to Stop being Indecisive. The article suggests everything from great books to thought-provoking questions to ask yourself to help you focus and make decisions.

Another Daily Worth article writes about 6 Successful Women Share Their Morning Routines. To be honest, I enjoyed reading the comments a lot more than the actual article. I was dumbfounded how these women wake up so much later than, I think, the rest of of the world does…but who knows. There were commenters that said the article was inspiring so, hey, if it motivates even one reader, it was worth sharing!

KevinMD shares an article asking, Is it time we teach medical students about wearables? After reading this article, what do you think? The market for wearables (i.e. FitBits, Jawbones) is BOOMING but what if we integrate this within our healthcare systems for monitoring patients with chronic illnesses? I think this could definitely be a direction healthcare heads to make patients more aware about their behaviors. Perhaps this self-awareness will lead to quicker and sustainable behavior changes.

I think it’s important we keep expanding resources for patients but just as much we provide these kind of resources to our healthcare employees. We need to make sure our healthcare workers are being taken care of (and are taking care of themselves) before they take care of others!

KevinMD also shared  the article, Most doctors lack formal training in diet and nutrition which argues that, you guessed it, most doctors do not have the proper nutrition education to educate their patients about proper nutrition & eating. As a wellness coach who receives referrals from physicians and has had a few chances to have a few discussions with them, I believe they have the knowledge (a lot of knowledge) and believe nutrition is a very important component for reducing chronic diseases BUT they just do not have the time within the appointments to have that “nutrition talk.” Positions like Wellness Coaches, Health Advisers, Health Educators (and the other 100 names we’re called ) are expanding and, I believe, are helping fill in that gap of missed education only because physicians are simply limited in time to do so. Do you agree?

And last but not least, Fortune wrote Can you eat healthy on $4 a day? And I was impressed how the writer took 14 days to eat like he was on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) at  $4 a day. Then I turned depressed when he said (and reminded me) how under that low of a daily budget, your priority is not your health and receiving the proper nutrition, but just making sure you eat something-anything- to not go hungry. Do you know anyone that is on SNAP benefits? Do they have a difficult time making healthy food a priority?

I hope you enjoyed the articles. More to come soon.

Thanks for reading,



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