phone apps

Phone apps that may help you out in life

There are a few FREE phone apps you should look into to live a saner life:

1. Fooducate -You can scan your grocery items and compare them to better or worse options

2. Mapmyrun– Track your mileage on your feet, bike, blades, whatever!

3. Myfitnesspal– It’s a great app if you don’t mind entering your calories and workouts

4. Coupon Sherpa– coupons for the fancy stores

5. Flipboard– add your favorite topics to this phone app to read the daily news you’re actually interested in

6. IHeartRadio– free. music. You can listen to health radio stations or local ones too

7. Your bank’s mobile phone app. Most banks have mobile banking where you can check your account, or take a picture of a received check and have it deposited in seconds!

8. ColorNote– who needs a paper and pen anymore?


Nutrition & Weight Management:

Whole Foods Market- great recipes

allrecipes- more great recipes

Calorie manager- keep track of your diet!

Fooducate- see above

LoseIt!- Calorie tracking app that creates a weight loss plan for you!

Argus: the app monitors pretty much everything you do

Myfitnesspal- see above

Physical Activity: manage and track your fitness activities!

Charity Miles- a corporate sponsor matches every mile you run, bike walk, etc.

7-minute workout- 12 workouts, 7 minutes

EveryMove- rewards you (with points) for your active life!


Sleep- combines soothing base sounds for better sleep

Calm- offers a soothing meditation for a break, anytime of day

Mindshift- This app helps teens and young adults cope with anxiety

Headspace-A 10-minute guided meditation

Brain Teasers- fun brain teasers for any age

Miscellaneous: the best phone app you can find for a drug lists, information, etc.

Pock First Aid & CPR- you just never know when you might need this!

Period Tracker- helps women track their moods, menstruation cycle, and more!

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