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I find these links interesting

Hello there and happy Friday.I wanted to share a few links from this week I’ve found pretty interesting. Instead of sharing them individually, I thought it might be a little nicer in one post.  Enjoy!

Did you hear about the recent collaboration between the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and Kraft? Basically, Kraft products (i.e. cheese) will be labeled “healthy” with a Kids Eat Right label on it…buttt not too many people are happy about that. Read about the controversy and not-so-happy dieticians in the Food Politics article, here. *Make sure to read the whole article where it addresses Coke products behind-the-scenes partnerships, too.

I recently signed up for 30 Day of Biking. Every time they reach 30 pledges a bike is donated to Free Bikes for Kidz. How cool is that? I will bike every day in April- even if it’s for 5 minutes! Join if you’re interested, here.

Lifehack sent an article about The Best 8 Project Management Apps..and although I can’t really use any of these right now, I thought they were still interesting and could help some reader out there.

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recently posted a study, “Delivery Change that Lasts…” about integrating coaching within the fitness industry and the positive effects that come from it. As the study states, in summary, ” Health and wellness coaching processes provide a toolbox of skills proven effective at assisting people make healthy behavior changes. Which coaching tools can an exercise professional (e.g., health fitness specialist) use to improve the probability of success with his or her clientele? Eliciting client mindfulness, positivity, and autonomous motivation and developing self-efficacy are among the coaching skills that can serve the exercise professional well while moving outside the fitness expert–only box.” I love seeing coaching being recognized for it’s benefits within a lot of healthcare professions!

I just finished my Positive Psychology course through Coursera. Coursera provides free online courses on many different subjects- for free! You can earn certificates if you want in the classes, but it’s free, and educational…c’mon what’s better than that. Check out the course offerings here!

Have you ever heard of the Diet Detective? His name is Charles Platkin and he is one of the country’s leading nutrition & public health advocates. He writes articles for popular fitness sites (i.e., and is an University Educator as well. I suggest you subscribe to his newsletter!

Alright, I think that’s enough for a post- enjoy and  thanks for reading!


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