April Goals

Time to set some goals for the next month, but first let’s take a look at how I did for March’s…

march goals

1. Create a video- check! I’m just adding an introduction and closing to it and I will post it. I used Microsoft Movie Maker and man, was it easy to make a video. It’s kind of awkward staring at your computer and talking, but I know it’s important to get myself out there start making educational videos for InPower. The first video is a basic introduction to InPower Coaching. I hope you enjoy it once it’s posted!

2. Finish Positive Psychology class- check! I went through Coursera.com to find free, education. If I wanted to spend $50, I could have received a certification in Positive Psychology course training, but I wanted to save the money. I am trying to be more conscious of my LLC spending. I suggest looking into the free courses, though!

3. Conduct an interview- check! I actually had a few interviews this month. You can see one with Kristen Brown, here.

4. Schedule a presentation- nope! I was so close, but nothing officially scheduled, yet. I’m working on it, though.

5. Weekly posts, aka: write weekly posts- check! I looked into a few blogger tips & resources to start writing more often on my blog. I hope you have enjoyed my personal posts throughout the month, I plan on continuing them.

Alright, for April…


I’m sticking to only 3 this month.

1. Schedule a presentation-yes, again. I’m working with a couple of employers and getting really close to scheduling a presentation, maybe this is the month. I’d like to talk about their topic of choice- but preferably summer snacks or grilling tips. we’ll see!

2. Run twice around lake– this means I would like to run twice around the lake, during one run. I’d like to get one or two 10+ mile runs in this month. I’m thinking about signing up for a half-marathon the beginning of may- this would be perfect prep for it. Or else I’ll just do the Chisago Half Ironman in July….no big deal, right? :/

3. Back into every parking stall I can– Okay, I know this sounds a little ridiculous, but this past month I’ve been parallel parking a lot for work and backing up into stalls for an easier exit and it’s tricky, but kind of fun. I’m getting better at using my mirrors and getting into tighter spots, it’s kind of fun. I’m going to try to back up into a stall whenever possible. I told my co-workers about this idea and they just laughed. I think they’re giving up on me.

What are your April goals? Let’s hear them!

Thanks for reading,


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