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Nutrition tips


Ahh there is so much information I could put under Nutrition.  I will keep it plain and simple…

To do

  1. Where are you now? Track your intake for at least a week to get an idea how much fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, meat, nuts, liquid, etc. you are consuming on a daily basis. has a great tracker called Super Tracker, is a great online and mobile tracking option as well. It does not matter if you put an “X” per serving, or put the amount of calories in that food- just start tracking!

Also make note of triggers, changes in mood, digestion, etc. while you track.

  1. Become educated! Click here to learn about your daily recommended values of food from
  2. Create goals. Remember, they should be SMART goals. Read more about goal setting here.

Example: I will eat 2-3 more fruit & vegetables per day by adding them 2 in my morning omelette and 1 or more in my afternoon sandwich.

  1. Learn how to cook! There are great YouTube videos on how to do everything from prepare an avocado to cook a turkey. Just search whatever you want to learn on
  2. Look up recipes and just try them. We all started somewhere. And by the way, it’s normal to make not-so-great meals at first 🙂


fooducate (free) phone app- compare grocery items by scanning barcodes right in the store!

 Leanne Brown– provides a PDF cookbook for low-income/budgeting folks!

Search “nutrition” to read related posts, tips and articles!


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      1. Oh wow, good for you 🙂 always exciting to see people starting their own business. Congrats! Also, just keep pushing. You’ll get where you want to go. And if you need someone behind you, I’m happy to help however I can 🙂

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