Biking into Spring and 2015 Race Schedule

Love this lady! Take a look into her life as an Ironman triathlete while balancing the demands of law school…she rocks.

Spoke Beads and Streamers

Winter training in Minneapolis

I think most athletes go through periods of feeling unfocused, unmotivated and unfit. Those of us who train year-round (and even more so those of us Type A’s who don’t understand the concept of “rest”) are particularly prone to both mental and physical exhaustion. However, until this year I had never experienced or understood the winter slump; the last few months have been a rude awakening.

I’ve always, always been an independent (read: stubborn) athlete, perfectly content with solitary trail-running, swimming in an empty pool, and escaping reality on my bike. I love being out on the road or in the woods for hours at a time only to realize that I have no idea what I thought about or how the time passed so quickly.

Part of my preference for solo workouts also stems from the fact that I’m too competitive for my own…

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