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Wood Therapy 101: Creating a cutting board


Cutting boards…why not? There are all different ways people relieve stress or clear their head. I have found therapeutic power (okay, that’s a little dramatic but hey whatever) in woodworking and I love it! If you know anyone that has the following supplies available I highly suggest you try it out!

Supplies to make 1 cutting board:

¤10″ x 18″ x 1/2″ maple or oak wood

¤ a cut out of the shape you want to cut the board in (mine was the state of WI from a purchased Walmart atlas). Can use regular construction paper. This will be your stencil.

¤ pencil- or two

¤ band saw- might be difficult to find

¤ scroll saw- my new favorite toy

don’t forget to purchase extra saw blades- you’ll probably need them!

¤ sand paper-100 grit works well

optional: cutting board oil

The following instructions will be for those that are familiar how to use a saw or are with direct supervision. I am not liable for any injuries because you weren’t using your tools properly!

1. Plane the board down to 1/2″ or under



2. Use the cutting board stencil to trace as many objects as possible on the 1/2″ thick board.

3. Chop the 1/2″ thick pieces of wood in smaller squares with a band saw or any saw you have available.


4. Cut the outside of the shape with a scroll saw. I love this machine, but it’s important to practice with many scrap pieces of wood before. Trace the stencil on the scrap pieces so you can practice certain edges and harder angles before the final project! The slower the better. You want the edges to look smooth.


5. Be proud of your work! You can leave it as it is after sanding it, transfer photos onto it, do chalk paint, etc. I recommend using cutting board oil ($6 at Menards) if you leave it as it is. Below I transferred a photo of Aaron Rodgers onto the wood. See how I did it, with specific instructions here


Thanks for reading!


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