Hey hey, how is your first Monday in March going? I hope well. This post will recap last month’s goals and introduce March’s. First, I would like to share some news: InPower will be going through a “Spring Start” and renovating a few parts of the website, posts and even videos! I’m ready to step things up a notch and use my technological skills to my fullest. Get ready for some more posts and youtube videos about topics such as: financial wellness, positive psychology, interviews, fitness challenges, and more. I love playing my obnoxious melodica and writing rap poems, so I’m coming up with some ideas on how to not only entertain my readers, but educate them as well. PLEASE let me know what type of topics you would like me to cover. What would you like to see on this blog? The purpose of my blog is to educate anyone about any health information I find. A part of me wants to consolidate each week’s articles into one, large blog post, but I like sharing the news as soon as possible for your up-to-date education. What do you think?

As for goals…

This was last month’s…


1. Get certified as a PT- check! I am officially an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. The exam went really (really) well for me so I do plan on writing a post to help anyone would that is interested in taking the exam. I’m really excited to have a certification like personal training that complements coaching so well.

2. Conduct an interview- check! You should see a post from the (secret) person I interviewed last month in some future posts  🙂

3. Library instead of coffee shop-check! I didn’t go to a coffee shop this month to read, people watch or study and it wasn’t a problem at all. I like libraries and don’t need to drink coffee every week…so maybe I should of made a harder goal? haha.

4. Do a weekly personal post- nope…whomp whomp. I started the month off really well but my written posts fizzled out by the end. I really do want to become a more consistent blogger and know it’s important as a blogger and for my readers. I’m working on it I swear!

5. Do a race- oh heck yes I did another race. The Cupid’s Undie Run in -22 degree weather, actually. Check it out!


march goals

1. Create a video– this month I will be working on a few educational videos on the basics of health. These could be: stress tips, proper posture when working out, or even how to cut an onion into those cubes! I’m excited. Let me know what you’d like to learn!

2. Finish Positive Psychology class– I am currently taking an online course on positive psychology and will get my certification once it’s completed. I believe this would be a a great addition to coaching and working with clients.

3. Conduct an interview– I want to keep interviewing people and learn not only what motivates people, but what tips and tricks they can provide for any readers on how to enhance their health.

4. Schedule a presentation– I have a lot of meetings lined up with different employers this month, but I want to schedule a presentation with at least one of them. Fingers crossed!

5. Weekly posts- this means write weekly posts on the blog, there just wasn’t enough room to write it out. I can do this!

Your turn. What are you March goals? What do you want to learn or see in InPower?

Thanks for reading,


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