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Still trying to process what happened Saturday… How can I explain the 3rd Annual Cupid’s Undie Run, a 1.5 mile run dedicated to raising awareness & money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation to end Neurofibromatosis,  to those who weren’t there? Hmm…

Perhaps through hashtags?

#wheremapantsat  #Iseebuttcracks  #cantfeelmyfingers #imwithsomeguynamecupid #nopantsdancin #smileyfacewax #turndownforskin #brokefundraisinggoal #imwithbatmanbecausehewins

Maybe that didn’t help. Perhaps figures will?

-5 degree weather..wind chill: -22 degrees

1.5 mile run on Nicollet Avenue

150 runners, 350 attendees

$32, 971 raised by the #1 fundraising team

$1,880 raised from waxing and cash for tshirt donations

$71,918.57 locally raised

$3,236, 023 nationally raised

Still confused? Maybe a breakdown of my day will put it all together…

11:00 Threw on red tights and beads.

11:30 Arrived at Pourhouse. Saw a lot of underwear. Realized I am overdressed in tights.


12:00 Asked the man standing next to me to hold my balloon and take a pic. He is now my new friend, Mike.


12:30 Saw this. And then saw someone fall on the dance floor.

1:00 Pre-run picture. People were ready to go!


1:30 Cupid Shuffle starts playing. 1:30 And we’re off!

1:32  I see the Target Center and I am already wondering where my feet are. I can’t feel them.

1:35 Hello to people in the skyways!

1:37 Anddddd numb. Is this what Raynaud’s feels like?

1:40 Just sprinting to the end.

1:40? 1:45? Done. Is my thumb still attached to my hand?

1:45-2:00 Thawed. Watched a girl comfort her friend with possible hypothermia. Saw many red chests.

2:00 Saw a man get a smiley face waxed on his chest.


Incredible, right? Just know we had a blast and I had an abnoxiously (whoops, Freudian slip, I meant obnoxiously) fun time and was worth the cold. Upstairs, I saw a large group with a picture of a boy on their shirts. This was a great reminder that yes, the race was very entertaining and a rare one this time of year, but  it was for a fantastic cause. There are children suffering destructive diseases like NF out there that regardless if we know one personally or not, we can help out by fundraising and by doing these crazy, frostbite-riskin’ runs! Click here to read about some NF Heroes and their stories!

Jessica Ruth, the Director of the event, was hilarious and her facebook posts kept me giggling throughout the week. I think it wouldn’t be right to not give her a big thank you in this post for all of her exceptional work. This is her below next to the fundraising trophies.


I’m sure everyone can say no matter how long their numbness lasted Saturday, the event was worth it!

I hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries for wellness coaching. I offer free initial consultations and would love to help you begin a lifestyle change today!


Twitter –> @InPower Coach

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Disclosure: I did receive a race entry for my review, however, all opinions are of my own.

Below are a few resource links:

If you ran, don’t forget to do the post-run survey

Charity Info ….warning: it will make you emotional


Register for 2016

Race pictures

CityPages pictures -these are amazing In the news

CBS local/WCCO -try not to laugh In the news

Fox9/KMSP– really try not to laugh

Twitter: @cupidrunmpls, #imwithcupid


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