Andddd it’s already the second week of February. These months are flying by! I have a lot of wedding and work events starting this spring so I’m kind of excited knowing that next month is already March!

Recap on January goals…


1. Schedule CPT Exam- check! I’m making sure to go to the library or in a quiet area of my apartment complex every day to ace this exam.

2. Go skiing–nope…again. I was going to go a few weeks ago but it was just cloudy and depressing. I might go tomorrow, but hey, if I don’t go I’ll be working on my wood projects so it’ll be a win-win for me.

3. Create a half-ironman training program-check!  I combined the training schedule from and and am still getting suggestions from my Ironman-friend. Remember, I am a novice and could use any help with this. Any suggestions are appreciated.

4. Start the training program- yes indeed. I have a strong swim and run base and but I am working on improving my bike base…either way, I’m swimming, biking and running. I am grateful I actually enjoy these activities or this would be one.long.season.

5. Start another woodworking project- check! I redesigned a bed’s headboards and will be posting pictures of it when I (hopefully) finish it this week. –PS I never finished the post about creating a WI cutting board, it’s still a draft but almost complete–

Now for February…


1. Get certified as a PT- I have been studying ACSM personal training (PT) materials and hopefully will be certified within the next month. The certification will provide me with the rudimentary skills needed to be a personal trainer and tools to be an even more effective wellness coach. Plus, I love certifications.

2. Conduct an interview– It could be with a friend or a professional I follow, but either way interviewing is a great way to learn new skills & keep motivated, so I should really do one this month.

3. Library instead of coffee shop– this means go to a library instead of a coffee shop to study, read, or blog. I can do this. I just received a new library card and I have a great area in my apartment complex to study. No excuses to not achieve this one but man, sometimes I’m such the proverbial doesn’t-want-to-study student who goes to a coffee shop to “study”…aka people watch. I really need to save money this month and not going to a coffee shop to waste cash and calories is a great way to start!

4. Do a weekly personal post– I post a lot of articles each week on here,but I do not write many posts.  I know that I would connect with my readers a lot better if I wrote more personal posts; not necessarily about what is going on in my personal life, but posts that are written by me. I just don’t ever want to come off as a presumptuous blogger, especially about the posted science & medical material. Especially since I am not qualified to do so. I’m working on it though 🙂

5.Do a race- I miss the crazy race environments! My last one was the Mustache Run which seems like a year ago already. There are a few on Valentine’s Day & in March I am looking into. Hopefully, you’ll see a review about them in the blog.

What are your monthly goals? Goals for the year? I want to hear them!

Thanks for reading,


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