Look at Imogen go! Congrats!


This is my first ever post on this band new blog of mine. So to start off I’m going to introduce myself.

Hi, My name’s Imogen, I’m 15 years old and to say I’m not at the peak of physical fitness would be a big understatement (I make it sound like I’m hideously overweight which I am not but I am no where as fit as I would like to be). I’ve decided on this dreary, cloudy Sunday that I am going to start a fitness blog to motivate myself to get fit this year. My friends are aware of how much I dislike exercise and that I also eat like a pig but hopefully having this blog will motivate me, I’m not quite sure how yet but its worth a try. In all honesty, I’m going on Holiday 3 times this year to hot countries and I will…

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