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January Goals

Itttt’sss January! Time to look back at my December goals and work on January’s.

P.S. I got this idea to share my monthly goals from Katie.


1. Donate Blood- check! Always an experience. Read about it here

2. Do not use autocorrect- I did a good job trying not to use it. I swear the phone has a mind of its own but I would still give it a “check”

3. Schedule my first Thai massage appt- check! But when I got there the masseuse was pregnant and unable to give me a Thai massage so…just get a massage-check!

4. Schedule my Personal Trainer exam- nope! The available dates did not work with my schedule. I am trying again next month!

5. Create a cutting board-check! I made four, actually. Yes, they are in the shape of Wisconsin. I was born and raised there (Go Pack!) Working on a few creative twists with them and then I will do a whole post about how to make them. They were fun. I really enjoyed using the scroll saw.


For January…


1. Schedule Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam..again! I’d like to be certified by February. I purchased the books so now I just have to spit back what I have been learning. So far the material has been very interesting and I am thinking about doing a few posts on the material so you readers can enjoy some personal training education, too!

2. Go skiing. I just miss it.There are limited skiing options around the Twin Cities so I’m not sure where I’m going to go yet.

3. Create a Half-Ironman training schedule. I am working on a strong swim, bike and run base right now, but I would like to have a training schedule set so I will be ready for my first Half-Ironman ! Date still to be determined- way too many weddings I need to schedule around this summer!

4. Start the training program. Here.We.Go!

5. Start another woodworking project. I loved making the cutting boards! I have a few ideas for the leftover wood…we’ll see.

Do you have any New Year or January goals ? Please share them!

Not sure where to start? Contact me for some wellness coaching & motivation today!

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