Welcome, 2015.


Wow, I have been absolutely terrible at posting lately. I went from 10 posts a day to maybe one! I apologize, but around New Years most articles are the same and everyone gets so excited with the “New Year, New Me” attitude that I like to wait a little while for it to die down. Don’t get me wrong, I think motivation and goal-setting is fantastic, but sometimes we build up all this pressure on this  one day, this one year, that if we fall off the wagon even for one day the goal, dreams and motivation are bust. Don’t let this happen to you!

If you set some New Years goals remember a few things:

¤ It will take time, patience, confidence, and a whole lot of effort to reach those goals- don’t give up! This is your time!

¤ Being healthy is simple, but not always easy. Remember health “experts” make a conscious decision -whether easy or difficult- to be healthy every day. This could be choosing a fruit over chocolate for a snack, or deciding to bike somewhere instead of drive.

¤ Did you have a bad lunch? Guess what, you can have a healthier snack, dinner or a longer workout in that SAME DAY. It’s all about balance. Did you skip your workout tonight? Well, there’s time to at least stretch tonight and then do a longer workout tomorrow. There are plenty of opportunities every day, in many ways, to create a healthier, better you.

¤ Snacking, watching TV, worrying about things you can’t control are examples of things that take time away from doing something productive with your life.  Do something else! I have suggested that my clients ask themselves if there is anything else they could be doing instead of eating the piece of cake or watching TV. Usually the answer is yes 🙂

That’s it. Not bad, right? For more help, feel free to search “motivation” on my page  for related posts or check out my motivation page here.


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