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Quick reminders for the next two days….


Well, Christmas is finally here! Here are a few helpful reminders before you stuff yourself full or regret not packing a travel snack….

1. Enjoy the holidays- I hope you’re with loved ones and surround yourself with positive people

2. It’s not about the food- Remember you’re not celebrating Christmas because of the food and gifts- so don’t obsess over them!

3. Eat a small snack before the holiday gathering- This will prevent overeating and that food-hangover

4. Drink water throughout the whole day- This will help with cravings & portion control

5. You do not need to try one of everything- the world is not ending, there will be food in front of your face again

6. You can say no- You do not have to say yes to everything

7. You can say yes- You can say yes to help, a new activity or anything that deep down you want to say yes to

8. Did you get a workout in before? No? Here- go to to get active for 7 minutes and pump up that heart rate!

9. If you’re driving, make sure to pack healthy snacks (i.e. nuts, fruit) and water to prevent fatigue and overeating when you arrive to the gathering.

10. Hey, how about have Fun?

Merry Christmas everyone!


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