Happy Friday everyone! It’s time to start the weekend off right with a guest post from a good friend, Katie. She’s a fantastic blogger who knows how to make healthy living fun and delicious. This post she writes about the effects of sitting all day and facts why not to. Perhaps some of you can relate to this desk-job disease? Read on & enjoy 🙂

The Sitting Disease

Hey there all you IPC readers, my name is Katie from Daily Cup of Kate and I am so excited to be guest posting on Chelsea’s blog today! I live in Madison and have known Chelsea since the early days of college (UW-La Crosse represent!) and have stayed close friends ever since. Like Chelsea, I graduated with a Community Health degree, so you can imagine we like to do all things fitness together.


Chelsea was also my personal attendant in my wedding this year and has quite the impressive organizational and planning skills might I add.


Anyway, I guess my blog is categorized under “healthy living” because I talk a lot about my running and workouts as well as share some healthy(ish) recipes now and then. But realistically, some days I sleep in and skip a workout, half of the things I cook don’t turn out the first (or second) time and I drink too much beer and wine on the weekends.

I try to stick by the 80:20 rule when it comes to my heath, but there’s one thing I know for sure—I sit way too much, as does the rest of the population. Are you sitting right now as your reading this? Do me a favor and stand up. Go, go, go!

Most of us have heard of the term sitting disease, which was created by the scientific community. It is commonly referred as metabolic syndrome and the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Americans sit up to ten to thirteen hours a day. WHAT? Yup, you read it correctly. Think about your typical day… eat breakfast, commute to work, answer emails, sit in meetings, eat lunch, sit in more meetings, commute home, eat dinner, hop on your computer, watch your favorite TV shows…all while sitting!

Did you know for people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is the same as smoking? We (as a nation) have become so sedentary that 30 minutes a day at the gym may not counteract the harmful effects of a long day of sitting. We are made to move, stand, and walk.

Standing just one more hour a day can:

Increase in calorie burn, you burn more calories!!! (That’s a WIN)

Reduce risk in cancer, heart disease, and diabetes

Increase endurance

Improve circulation

Speed up metabolism

Decrease muscle/joint issues

And so much more!

The solution? Move more, and move often! Need some inspiration? Check out this fun and festive workout you can complete in the comfort of your own home that only requires a set of dumbbells–although soup cans, water bottles, an exercise band, or heck, even a baby would work too! Get creative!


Be Well,


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