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December Goals


Time for some December goals.

1. Donate Blood. I try to donate at least twice a year. And guess what? I just did yesterday. Poked twice. Donated once. Bruising as we speak. Will write about it soon.

2. Do not use autocorrect. I forgot which word it was, but I was using autocorrect for a word I’m pretty sure I was taught in 5th grade. Time to stop relying on autocorrect and being stoopid.

3. Schedule my first Thai massage appointment. I want a little masseuse to walk around on my back. I hold all my stress in my neck and shoulders and can’t wait to feel like a noodle after a good massage.

4. Schedule my personal trainer certification exam. I am going to be a certified PT soon! I just need to schedule my exam time and then I can officially teach you a move or two…or kick your butt.

5. Create a cutting board. I am getting my woodworking on. Hopefully, I finish my first project with all ten fingers. I want to create a Wisconsin-shaped cutting board out of the oak wood I recently purchased. I eventually want sell  my arts & crafts projects on Etsy. Dreaming big!

What are your goals?


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