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November Proj-eez am I Out of Shape?

Great Job! Keep up the Great Work! C’mmonnn Push it!

These were some of the many encouraging words I heard during my first November Project experience last week. Did all my friends from friendly Oregon move to Minneapolis? I don’t know, it was too snowy to see their faces, but it sure seemed like it.

Disclosure: The following review was not compensated by November Project MSP; all opinions are my own.

Photos courtesy of November Project MSP-Facebook Page.

What is this November Project ? Watch this video before you read on.

If you didn’t feel like watching the video, basically, an inspiring man from Boston started working out regularly and encouraged community members-of any fitness level- to join him, for free. Now there are November Projects all over the country and it has really taken off. From good-lookin’ gear to being in nationwide media, November Project is IT! Just try googling “November Project” and read all the different, yet positive, experiences participants have had.

Alright, now that all of my excitement about my November Project experience poured out into my introduction and has kept you reading, let me just back up a bit…

When I was living in Madison, my friend Katie (check her out-she’s amazing) and I always mentioned experiencing this November Project thing together but never tried it before I moved. After moving to Minnesota, I told myself I was going to check it out. I rearranged a few coaching appointments, and finally got to November Project- Minneapolis (NP MSP) last week!

NP-MSP meets Wednesdays at 6:25AM in between the Guithre Theater and Mill City Museum. When I arrived in front of the Mill City Museum, I parked in the ramp across the street, but apparently parking is free right in front of the buildings. Regardless, there are many, accessible parking options which is always a plus and a great stress-free way to start your day. As I was walking to the group of bouncing, winter clothes-covered individuals, a woman came up to me and goes ” Hi, are you new? I haven’t seen you before” and we introduced ourselves. We, a group of 40 (or more), then  jogged to “the beach”. I could tell by my cold puffs of air it was going to probably be a difficult workout for me. But hey, that’s a good thing- I needed it.

We approached “the beach” which was a large square of sand under one of the larger arches and then discussed our workout for the morning. The workout was called the Storming Burpee Beach. You do 10 burpees, 10 mountain climbers then run a loop through 4 arches and then repeat as many times as you can in 30 minutes. As you loop you hop on the “hop rock” and embarrass yourself by trying to get some air…but fail miserably. See picture below. It was still fun leading up to that I-have-no-verticle reminder, though. 🙂


Everyone’s running, yelling “Good job!” “Push it!” I should have counted how many times I received a high five; seriously the nicest, most encouraging people to run with. I would see a speedy gonzales pass me a few times and even a dog was doing the workout, You didn’t feel like you were ever too slow or not doing well. I was definitely getting a workout in with the fast pacers, hills, burpees and mountain climbers combination. I forgot to count my laps but I do know the fastest runner did 7 laps in 30 minutes. That is fast my friends!

At the end I was really trying to keep proper form while doing the burpees. I was even thinking “When the heck was the last time I even did these?” As you can tell below..I was trying real hard to push it to the end.haha.


Butttt we finished! We, the tribe, finished slushy and tired but it feeling good. I highly suggest you make time to attend a November Project workout as often as possible. Again, it is a FREE community workout that really pushes you no matter what fitness level you are at. They just want you to have a great time. And did I mention they were playing some sweet beats at the beach as well? Props to the DJ for playing some good tunes!

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