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Weigh and Win

Have you ever wished you could get PAID to LOSE WEIGHT?

Good news, your wish came true!..and it’s coming to a place near you…soon.

What: Weigh and Win (WAW) is a FREE program that encourages individuals to lose weight by giving out some moolah for their progress! Originated in Colorado, the program provides  kiosks at numerous locations where participants can weigh themselves, get pictures taken, while receiving daily coaching services throughout their weight-loss journey. Average weight loss is 17.7 lbs per participant. You can win $15 (for 5% weight improvement) to $150 (30% weight improvement) every quarter you’re in the program! Think how quick that cash could add up…

Participants are paid by a prepaid VISA Prepaid Debit Card via mail.

Key points of the program:

¤ Current kiosks are located in Colorado- but you can purchase a kiosk for your town today!

¤ Must begin the program with a BMI > 25 to be eligible for cash rewards. ALL participants, regardless of weight, can qualify for monthly prize drawings just for participating.

Receive daily wellness coaching that provides a personalized success plan for physical activity and healthy eating. Daily coaching includes meal plans and snack ideas, as well as a weekly grocery list.

¤ Access a 24/7 health guide, workout podcasts, journal, quizzes and more when you login to www.weighandwin.com.

¤ Stay accountable by completing private, photographed weigh ins at least once every 90 days. Your visual progress report will be securely stored in your Weigh and Win account.

More details here. FAQs here.

Where: Here are where all of the kiosks are currently located.

I love love love success stories. Click here to read some of theirs!

What do you think? Is this something your town/city would invest in doing?


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