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Good Leadership Enterprises: 7Fs


I went to the Midwest Health Promotion Conference last week and it was great! I haven’t been to one yet so it was nice to network and generate a lot of ideas. The opening keynote speaker was Paul Batz, President of Good Leadership Enterprises. He.was.fantastic. He had a lot of energy and you can just tell he’s an overall genuine guy.

He had us fill out the Seven Fs Wheel Worksheet. You score each of the seven Fs 1-10 and then connect all the dotes..Ideally, it would be a circle and create a wheel, but ehh no one at my table (including myself) had a perfect wheel!

The seven Fs are:







After scoring each F, you assess what Fs are lower and which ones are higher. There are a few questions on the worksheet that I like, but the last one “Which of the 7Fs can you BLEND together to make your wheel roll with greater momentum?” really made me think. Which Fs that I scored higher can I BLEND..hmm..I realized I am very optimistic about my future and gave a 10 for my family and friends. That’s truly a gift that I can say and score that. What do I want to work on?…Finances (don’t we all?).

Click here to download the FREE 7Fs PDF and let me know which Fs you will use to create greater momentum!

But wait, THEN he had us do our beginning personal leadership benchmark. Mine was 117 out of 150. Not too bad! We had to write them on a sticker and wear it around the rest of the day. It was a good conversation piece to say the least. I know there are a few things I can work on already to bump that number up. What about you?

Click here to calculate your beginning personal leadership benchmark!

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