Please Don’t Tell Me It’s Too Cold Outside To Do Anything


Guess what? It finally snowed in Minnesota! While I was wiping snow off of my car this morning, I could hear a few grumps and moans from the neighbors while they quickly wiped snow off their windshield and jumped in their car. Thinking how it wasn’t even that cold outside, I heard a few giggles from the house behind me. I looked over and there was a dad with his two children having a snowball fight! Hiding behind bushes, launching balls of the fresh snow. It was hilarious. I don’t know who this dad was but he may have been a 6-yr old boy in an adult male body. It was like they were almost faking a war scene and making (fake) threats. It was very entertaining.

Why can’t we all be like them? Why can’t we just accept and enjoy the weather for what it is and just have some fun? I mean, we know Minnesota has snow every year, we know it’s during the winter months (usually) and we know it’s always cold. All.Ways. Cold. Sure the wind sucks but that’s just part of the winter blizzards, baby!

I challenge you to do one activity in the snow this month. Preferably, with a friend or family member. Notice if you feel more energized, slept better, or any other changes from doing that activity. Remember there are many rec centers and stores that allow you to rent equipment if you do not have any of your own.

A few examples of winter activities:

Snowball fights!


Ice Skating

Snow shoeing

Shoveling- yes this can be an enjoyable, winter workout too 🙂

Curious how many calories you would burn per activity? Click here

More number-crunching information is also available on my calculators page.

Thank you for reading!


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