First Guest Post! Kristen with RunOnOatmeal

You guys- my first guest post! The first one is from a fun-filled friend, Kristen. She’s a fabulous gal with some witty spunk. She just started up her blog and promotes and educates a healthy lifestyle too. Follow, like and support her blog!


Hello, hello! I am excited to be guest posting today on Chelsea’s blog! My name is Kristen, a 26 year old Midwesterner. I am pretty new to the blogosphere myself. I blog mostly about running, vegetarian lifestyle, and other fun that comes up along the way. I didn’t really have any goals when starting my blog other than I wanted to be able to look back over the years and see where I have come. I have been inspired to be healthy since college when I gained the freshman 40 pounds. I decided to make exercise a priority but didn’t start running until about 4 years later. I now have run 2 marathons and 6 half’s! As a now avid runner I wanted to fill you all in on some of my confessions.


My neighbors may think I am insane. When they are letting their dog out at 4:30am you are jetting off to your run in a reflective vest they may turn their head. My neighbor then sees me return from my run, and may think it’s strange that in 9 minutes I am now backing out of your driveway to leave for work. A fast shower is a skill that I have learned to appreciate.

I own more sports bras than real bras. Priorities right?


While I am running a race I often think about the next race I am going to sign up for. They’re addicting that is for sure.


My significant other doesn’t appreciate the smell of my running clothes. It comes with territory.


I can’t eat whatever I want if I am training. As a vegetarian it is so easy for me to turn to carbs as my only option. I have to make sure I plan ahead to include protein or I won’t get the nutrients I need.


I will end up asking for running gear for birthdays and Christmas. My friends and family always know they are safe with gifting me with running socks or sports bras.

Thanks for reading!

Kristen from runonoatmeal.com

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