The Healthiest Way to Go To a Movie


True or False:

1. I should get the popcorn sold at movie theaters

2. I should not eat before the movie

3. I should not drink any fluids, especially water,  before the movie

4. I should probably tell myself “Whatever, it’s the movies, I don’t do this often!”

Can you guess what the answer to all of the questions are?


“Going to the movies” has such a set scene of someone sitting down in the movie theater with the screen’s luminescence on their face, while shoving popcorn into their butter-filled mouth from the extra-large theater bucket they got, only because it was only 50 cents more than the large. Well, it’s 2014 people, and there are healthier ways to go to a movie!

Side note: I saw packaged fruit snacks and tea as the healthier choices at the theater today, otherwise it’s still buttered-beyond-belief popcorn and junior mints (which are delicious), but still all unhealthy nonetheless.

Helpful tips if you plan on going to a movie:

1. Eat and drink before the movie. It’s kind of like grocery shopping- if you eat and drink before, you won’t be as starving (mentally or physically) and will not crave the theater goods as much.

2. Pack your own movie snack. Almonds, trail mix, plain popcorn…these are all small, filling, healthy snacks.

3. Pay by cash! If you do decide to get a few theater snacks, pay them with cash. Sometimes paying for unnecessary food & beverages by cash can make you more aware of where those dollar bills are going and make you second guess if you want to spend it on treats or not.

4. Always get the smallest size drink, popcorn, etc.

5. Share with a friend. Split the food and drinks- half the calories and your portion size!

Do you have any pre-movie health tips? Please share!


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