To: Midwest Motivators…but others are welcome too!


Please “like” my new FB page “Midwest Motivators”. This page will be dedicated to anyone looking for some extra tips and quotes on motivation.

When I talk with random Midwest folk I will ask them what motivates them to be a better person, or a healthier person and post their response with a picture (optional), along with their name and residency (also optional).


Since this FB page is new, the more posts the better.  So…question…

What motivates you to be a better YOU?

Please reply via comment or email your response to coach@inpowercoaching.org

If you don’t mind sharing, please provide a name and where you are from!

*Yes you are still welcome to reply even if you do not live in the Midwest 🙂

What motivates me to be a better me? Right now, it’s YOU. My audience, my readers. My coaching clients also expect me to practice what I preach so that motivates me as well. Plus, I love the payoff of taking care of my body when I get my race results 🙂 haha.

Thanks everyone!


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