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Mental Health Day 2014 Challenge


Hey YOU! What are you doing for Mental Health Day?

This year, the World Health Organization decided to focus on “Living with Schizophrenia” . Find time to educate yourself about Schizophrenia or share a story about it if you have one.

It is important to also become aware of your mental health. I challenge you to take time and ask yourself what you have done, are doing, and/or going to do to enhance YOUR mental health, even just for today.

Mental Health is defined by WHO, but Mental Health can be defined differently for each person. For example, the best way I can describe my mental health is: feeling calm and grateful for any single thing (big or small) around me and in that moment. So, basically, being present is when I feel like I am in a good mental health state 🙂

What have I done today? I applied my county’s Public Health Task Force and received a phone call today to set up an orientation. I care about people, health and the environment. Why not be more active and join a committee that incorporates all  three passions? So, that got me all excited and now I have already gone on meetup.com and joined numerous groups that sound interesting to join. Including: Small Businesses of MN, 20-30’s Outgoing Women Group, and AdventuHER that encourages women to be active and get outdoors. I know socializing always makes me feel good. I highly recommend you check out the site and find a group for you!

What am I doing? I am writing in this blog which is always fun and relaxing! You never know how many people are going to view your blog or comment. I love providing health-related articles and hope you enjoy them.

What am I going to do later today? Run. I don’t care how fast or how long, just run.

In case you’re feeling stressed about projects, deadlines, family gatherings, etc. here is a reminder about stress from Dr. Mike Evans (which is always available in the “Stress Mgt” category to the left by the way)

Now, what are you going to do for your Mental Health Day?


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2 thoughts on “Mental Health Day 2014 Challenge

  1. Thank you for encouraging change! Good luck! I love your call to action! Today I will promote Mental Health Awareness day through social media. I already work in human services, so I will continue to advocate for the people I serve.


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