Help That Bride Out!


This is a picture of me a friend took at a wedding a few weeks ago. I was the personal attendant for one of my best friends and had an absolute BLAST doing it. I love running around, helping people out, getting work (correctly) done and being goofy at the same time. This is how we should live life now, isn’t it?

This post is one to provide a fun idea for anyone that are helpers for the fall weddings out there!

I took a piece of fabric used for a belt and added Velcro to every other inch on it. Then I put the opposite Velcro piece on numerous wedding necessities  including: deodorant, tide-2-go, eye drops, kleenex, face wipes, etc. It was a conversation piece and a lot of the necessities were used throughout the day!

It always helps to have a tote with you two to transport everything from the wedding date signs, to the cameras the bridesmaids asked you to carry.

And always carry around a pen and paper. It will help when you’re making list of To Dos and specific instructions from the bride 🙂

I hope this post was helpful or interesting.

And even though it’s already the end of September, I’m still going to say it, HAPPY WEDDING SEASON everyone!


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