Hello again everyone and thanks for following my blog!

I primarily want to use this blog to post articles related to health & wellness that I’m reading each day, however, i can’t help but notice a blog is a little hard to connect to people when there’s no personality behind the posts.

Well, I can assure you I have some personality! The thing is, I don’t want my LLC and this blog to be about me, but about YOU, but it is time I “Step on the Stage” and introduce myself and get my LLC out there! I have been dropping off flyers within a 50 mile radius of my house, posting online, currently editing a YouTube video, trying to make touch ups on my website and blog ( man, what a slow process I respect anyone that made their own website!), reading some books about starting up a business and blogging AND trying to network as much as possible. I think those are the right things?

My name is Chelsea and I am passionate about people and wellness…period. I enjoy people and from traveling and volunteering for many many days throughout my life, I have met enough people to flat out say- people.are.awesome. I do one-on-one wellness coaching, presentations and community challenges through my current job (which I love) and want to expand it through my own company, InPower Coaching LLC. It was officially an LLC just this past July and I am ready to get it started and become a familiar and credible resource for anyone interested in their well-being.

I am reaching out to get any and every piece of advice possible about starting a business and/or blog. Specifically, for the health & wellness field.

Feel free to contact me on here or by emailing coach@inpowercoaching.org

Thanks everyone and I’ll be following you soon 🙂



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